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To be able to the defense the defense load autos alabama guys. They plan on defense. And then you get another. Sec ganj davis jack del rio and ron rivera both get a chance to impart their wisdom rio. It's him. be because formula machias played at high level You get young affect dynamic playmaker. That can make things happen. The speed speed on tape. He is a blizzard Man he's fine. Yeah it was some interesting linebackers. I really think you know. I'm a big fan of A worst care more. I think he i still think that he could end up. Having as big an impact on from this draught classes. Any linebacker and we're talking about some some pretty good linebackers but figuring out who he is and what he is in year one. I don't know You know. I'm looking at what happened with isaiah simmons and maybe i remember before the draft thinking the same thing that's going to happen with the worst care. Were they gotta figure out what his home basis is like. It's easier to figure out who will. Super bowl is right now. He's a he's a slot. He's one of those star position guys from college. That just has to prove he can be a will is what i think. He is with. Isaiah simmons i truly. You know i didn't see linebacker instincts. I knew that would take a low wild for him to get used to that position. I think a big thing and and this is what we can make. The mistake of doing sometimes will rename evaluation businesses. We love versatility. We love that can do a lot. But there's something to be said for the person at masters the one thing they're asked to do so when i look at him. I just think yes everything that you look for everything that you could possibly want. Vientiane see high plays. Yeah and then I think in terms of impactful rookies on the defensive side. At cornerback position. No there are some really talented guys. I was a huge fan of a passer tan. And then of course. Jc greg newsom caleb farley. We know farley probably will take a little longer to come. You know to get going but when i looked at the top two guys and you see ser tan and jc. Horn i mean right off the bat. Jc horn is has a chance to really make his mark because he's going to be facing off against guys like And not that. He didn't do it in college and actually did a pretty decent job of taking on cockpits. But he's gonna have cal pits to worry about. He's gonna have to calvin ridley to worry about. He's going to have those peace over in tampa bay to worry about. So he's got his hands full over there now if he if he shows out that's rookie of the year type candidates stuff if you're able to really do a nice job because so many people cite these. These advanced statistics from pro football focus and other sites with how guys do against top matchup. So everyone will be aware of a guy like j. c. Hornet ser tan is in denver. We already know. Oakland is Trying to build over there wide receiver. We know what we know a kansas city. Has we know what the chargers have. So those two guys stepped into a tough situation. But that's why you're draft. That's why people covet you inside..

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