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Every once in a while a media flashes through the skies and falls into the fortunately for us the ball of fire we have is I guess miss the Ocean Atlanta that's Funny Center Fox so I give you the two most deciding words in the modern seven pills becker until several people that comment that she just made say goodbye to everybody why she saying the by welcome depart eight of the killing of Marilyn Monroe. I'm your host Jackie Moran in this episode we will focus on the events of August Fourth Nineteen Sixty two the nightmare Arlen died exactly what happened that Saturday evening has been the subject of nearly six decades of conjecture conspiracy an alleged cover-up but for the moment we're going to try to stick to the official version of events whether the official version is also the true version will be up to you to decide a nine round it's a pleasure meeting Marilyn Monroe had spent the last day of her life at home on filling Dr Brentwood near Beverly Hills Los Angeles breath to say the preceding weeks had been eventful would be an understatement she had started shooting something's got to give with Dean Martin and within months had been fired from that same movie but ultimately they fired her they actually fired her right after her thirty sixth birthday and then weeks later not only forced the studio to Rehire her but to do so on improved terms she just signed the new contract with twentieth century they were going to lose zone filming something again she's got more money like she is she still had problems with dependence on drink and drugs but finally after years during which she had lost her hi something like the old Maryland was back Maryland seems life someone who was in August of nineteen sixty you putting her life back together she had gotten her health back together Twentieth Century Fox was going to take back finish something's gotTa give there was another movie laid out she signed a two picture deal there was so much she had looking forward to in her life she is planning for many many things time for death she was not particularly depressed at this point in her life but she was unfortunately given a lot of drugs which was very typical a lot of stars of that era in her final interview with Life Magazine Editor Richard Merryman she sounded excited and upbeat.

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