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Ryan Bingham has been every single day. He posts a video consult singing fong from his house and that has been excellent. Don't tell my forensic psychology professor but when his lecture get kind of Boring. I just go and watch whatever Ryan Bingham really sat day. Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of settlers thing. Bruce Your podcast all about Bruce springsteen music and mostly is fans. I am your host Jesse Jackson and joining me. Today is one of my favorite people. One of my favorite guests Bella. How're you doing Bella? I`Ma as good as anyone is. It's weird to ask people like how are you now? Because the answer is yeah Yeah I we were talking before. We hit record that You know this has been. This is the end of the third week that I've been working remotely Which is really strange. Because I had just started a new job and so My boss and I were talking about there. That was not part of the plan when he started me on February tenth. Like Oh yeah and within two months later We're GONNA be in a total lockdown and everyone we're working remotely right so it is a strange but you're there in New York so You know how're things going on? I know I asked you before him. But you know how's your circle of friends it. What what's the vibe there so I have been in quarantine since like March sixteen was when it finally and I. I really resisted the current president. Unfortunately but I was like. Oh God nobody worry like. I'm so sick of everyone. I know who panicking I. I am a lot of people. I know we're packing about corona virus and I was like none of the flu shot. You don't get to be worried about corona buyers if you didn't get the flu shot but so it's fine fine fine and then that you know that Sunday was the first time I started to get like ooh boy. I think not by like I think this is going to get a So I kind of went into quarantine starting on that That Monday and I have been in quarantine ever since. I have not had physical contact with someone since mid March. I like talk to people via the Internet. But you know you get the sense of the face to face conversation. I've had was with a woman in my building over laundry and is much human interaction. How are you getting food and groceries? I am so am I going to the grocery store but you know you keep a quick and you just talk to people and they only God thank you so much for working and you can But no I live about a twenty minute walk from the grocery store People like no one told Brownsville Brooklyn that there's a quarantine on like we have enough toilet paper. We're not running out of any food like No one talking. No-one panic buying. I should say and not gotten very helpful. It's good yeah that's got to be lonely We're we're I'm Kinda blessed. Chris had moved back home of last summer and was kind of saving money going to figure out what he was going to do next and so and he had just started talking about. You know maybe I'll find my own place. But in the meantime he's here and so he's working from home. Yeah I'm working from home not not anymore yeah yeah so We joke about You know in the front computer room where where I usually record my podcasts. Were Chris sets. I'm in the family room. The other half of the house like on a laptop and then Linda Portland is stuck in the living the bedroom. 'cause she's like. I you know I can't go watch. Tv in the living room. Because you're on call. Yeah exactly so We're we're okay but it is. It does feel a little crowded But at least we have interactions to talk to. I can imagine you know by yourself. You're Kinda okay. Well I'll I'll let me make my soup for one. You know the old. I don't remember if you remember Elaine Booze. Lers old gear go joke about that. Have say though I think I'd rather be Corentin. The loan then quarantined with like a roommate. I don't like good point till we can find blessing there because I'm like ooh. I've lived with people in the past in college and after college with people around like we were quarantined together. I think I'd lose my mind. Yeah so nice to be you know for that reason and You Know Bruce talked about that On his recent as recording this just a couple of days ago he did his. Dj set you know from the House and he talked about that. Both his sons are so low and are enjoying the solitude so Are you is school suspended or are you doing it remotely? No school is happening remotely and I gotTa say. I did not think that a seventy nine year old constitutional law scholar would be able to figure out zoom but he has done an amazing job he is still very much teaching our classes over zoom. He clearly hates it But he is doing an excellent excellent job and then my other professors are doing well too but I was just berry surprise. He's not gonNA make it. Yeah exactly very. He's very cute and sweet and he keeps sending us like very long email like notch just about constitutional law but about like. Today I was walking around New York looking thermometer and his email. They're hilarious and delightful and bring us all great joy but they all discuss him like walking around New York and Y'all emailing him being like Professor Rudenstine stop going outside very important like you have a lot of knowledge you yet have found a people. Please have your grandchildren. Pick up batteries for your mom gets exactly. That's Hilarious The I guess so When does this semester over Live May and they just recently announced that all of our popular pat failed semester. So they're not grading it at all. 'cause you know global pandemic yeah exactly Yeah changing the world. It's just very different I I can only imagine i. I'm podcasting elite more right. Yeah Yeah I'm I'm reaching out to a few people more than normal on podcasting because You know Lindmeyer watching TV together and doing stuff but We there's just so much other time available that well yeah. Why don't we visit right so the thing is now not commuting? I'm like wow. I really love time in the day to. Do you know Jesse.

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