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Version present this plays out all over the country reasons are built an overwhelmingly white rural areas and black people usually from more urban areas are sent to prison at disproportionately high rates and Wisconsin in the last census Wisconsin had the highest rate of black male incarceration in the US which means the highest rate of black men in the state being counted somewhere else well do you ever hear from them no no because I can't vote so there's no no connection between them and county government because serve the locked up they have no idea what's around them so they have no clue you have a prepaid call from our innate at Oak Hill correctional institution you may begin speaking now good morning all Leonard Collins is Cheryl's brother Leonard took notice of something when he arrived at prison years ago on census day he and the other inmates weren't handed a form to fill out the prison filled it out for him that they will contact with questions that are kept in the back of my mind enough doddle gradually find it out but differently so I'm not a great deal of the fact he says he was so shocked he wrote a letter to his state Congress woman about it he got a letter back from her to thank him this is the way the census has always counted incarcerated people if you're in prison or jail on census day that's where you live and until half a century ago that didn't have much of an effect but between the seventies and nineties states enacted a wave of tough on crime policies America's Public Enemy number one in the United States is drug abuse there was the war on drugs but also mandatory minimums which handed tons of discretion to prosecutors and truth in sentencing which essentially got rid of parole in all that hit poor communities of color like the five three two oh six the hardest there was no one there you know they have a political financial aid one minute remaining and that's our political power.

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