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In this is the paul finebaum show you listening to paul finebaum show podcast angel singing and they are the voices of jim from tuscany usa clay walker welcomes you back paul finebaum show it's been a hot forty five minutes franklin now sitting in with this too drew what you think about that was listening on my way in and decided that even though both you guys are great radio personalities i could listen to these callers yell at each other for the whole right now i know how paul gets through the four hours just let them go it really is inner taining radio this one person writes me on the tech machine i'm a twenty six year old female fashion blogger and this has me rolling on the floor this is better than anything of done in a while see we're adding the twenty six year old female fashion blogger and you're trying to bond some bridges with these people in fights so to speak they're just fighting in each other's face for years trying to bring them together shows all about i'm just glad the fashion blogger can't see us today it's a good thing we're not on tv i have never been part of a female fashion blog probably won't but i wish you the best and thank you thank you for listening one bart says i cannot believe you gave out our bathroom secret to a national audience i told my wife that the other day and now she's mad at everybody else knows i'm disappointed i don't feel like it was bad i feel like finebaum has invited us into his house it's like me telling that secret is like bringing over the bottle of wine that people do i still feel a little like you gave away a piece of of us that was our secret you kinda glit the world in on it and now it's gonna ruin it for us it's not going to ruin it they'll still be it'll still be better certainly better than than dan's in his wife going living mcdonald's through.

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