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You could call it personal growth. You could call it spiritual growth, but it actually minds both. So let's start with the two aspects of the process of I growth or psycho spiritual growth. The first is the process of personal growth. Now, Stephen Kobe is the one that I originally got this from. But my understanding he got it from somebody else's. Well so and basically your growth takes place in three stages. You go through a process of dependence, like when you're four years old and stuff, you're kinda dependent on people then in your teenage years you go through the independence process, and then somewhere hopefully in adulthood, you go through an interdependence stage where you realize that all things are connected. And this actually can be subdivided. This is what I subdivide interdependence into two phases. The social interdependence and cosmic interdependence, the socialists when you realize that people are. Dependent on one another in that you both have to be dependent and. Be people have depend on you and you have to depend on others, and there has to be that independence as well. So it's kind of a combination between dependence and independence and social is realizing that the entire society is connected. We're all in this together kind of concept, and then the further stages, Cozma interdependence, and that is sorely needed in our society today. We need to realize that all things are connected. Natures connected, and we need to understand our interdependence on nature interconnection. And so that's the three basic or four stages of personal growth. And of course, the goal of personal growth is flourishing, which I've talked about many times, which combines the personal growth. Which is what the aspect of talking about now. Inner peace, equanimity tranquility and meaning in life. So. That's the process. So you and you can see this, that you can see a lot of people that go through a long period of dependence, who haven't really immature to independence and you have those that are still stuck in the teenage attitude of independence to do my own thing. My way or the highway kind of idea. And then you have mature adults reaching the place of interdependence. Socially, and then even a smaller amount of people, grow into cosmic interdependence, or global interdependence. If you will. So that's the personal growth part. Now the spiritual growth yet understand my definition of spirituality and spirit. So I defined spirit as consciousness. So spirituality deals with the deepening and widening of consciousness of our wariness of our connection with reality with nature. And so this goes through three stages. The subconscious the self conscious and the super conscious. Now, you probably heard self-conscious before, that's when you reach that point of Indian independence, and you can see they coincide, very well, with the, the personal growth, sub-conscious, that is the things that are not conscious of the things that rule us during our dependence stage. We become self conscious in our independent stage and we've become super super conscious in our interdependence stage out, of course, the two aspects of that means social and cosmic. So sub-conscious is when you're just not aware, you're living your life on autopilot. And a lot of people don't get past this. Until late in life where they realize really more to life than just going through the motions living by the some conscious urges, just going out and, and living that way. And you can see the subconscious carries into the self conscious, but self conscious is really when you begin to realize that, you know, you are your own person, you begin to realize you are, you know, your own controller your own caretaker, and this goes back to an old idea that I don't find very much talked about, except by back in the early days, eighteen hundred something like that this thing of personal self government that means you've got to govern yourself, self control, but self gurvey. It contains. Two government has to do two things. Nafta do them. Well, they have to control and the half to care. And those a trade off between the two. So you got to do the same for yourself. You've got to control yourself because you're pretty much the absolute monarch over your own. Body and psyche. And you've got to also care for yourself. A lot of people don't understand that. Self governance, governance tixx, both those aspects you gotta take care of yourself and even though you're supposed to love your neighbor as yourself, you have more control, and therefore more responsibility to care for yourself. Not selfishly, not at the expense of others, but the fact that you have control of yourself means that you do take care of yourself, I because otherwise you're no good to help others if that makes sense. So you've got to make sure that you understand that self self-governance deals, specifically with that aspect taking care of yourself and controlling yourself. And of course, control is, is use very little that we actually can control. I actually divide this into three phases. Which we can control that which we can influence and that which we cannot control or influence. So. If you're familiar with the stoic, they had the dichotomy of choice, and the Kadhamy choices things you can control and things that you cannot control. And I think this is accurate. I think it's helpful, but I don't think it is the complete picture, there are things you can influence. By words and actions and deeds. That you should whenever you can but not at the expense of your own. Highest good. So you go through these stages of sub-conscious, and self conscious you reach the stage of super conscious. Now, you might wonder what the heck is super conscious. So if you look up Mariam Webster dot com, you'll see that super conscious can be defined as of relating to, or possessing the highest consciousness, or margin of consciousness above that within the ordinary range attention, the Oxford, dictionary defines as transcending human or normal consciousness. And I would that's probably the easiest super consciousness is that consciousness was transcends normal consciousness. The APA dictionary, the American, psychological. Cessation dictionary says in the tradition of humanistic psychology a higher state of awareness that is associated with creative inspiration, spiritual insight and the teammate of peak experiences or spiritual experiences, I'd prefer to say, so, of course, they're talking about Abraham modules definition of peak experiences there. So those are the three basic stages of growth, both in the spiritual which is the subconscious self conscious and super conscious and the personal aspects which is dependent interdependent independence and interdependence. Both an interdependent, of course can reach the social, and then the cosmic levels, which is the highest that we can hope for as a species is to reach the cosmic. Awareness of our interdependence that all things are interdependent. So those are the basic stages of psycho spiritual growth. I hope that, that helped you kind of put some conceptualization to the process of personal growth we get into different aspects like the hero's journey, and, and things like that, and how they correspond to this. But we'll go ahead and pass that on past that up for today. I appreciate you. Joining me just wanted to let you know that we are now an iheartradio. So if you have I heart radio can look for waking with Jay Nelson forced, and you'll find it on iheartradio. And with that I will bid you do and have a great day. And until next time may wisdom guide just ups on the path of awakening..

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