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Okay so that was loverboy from the absolutely execrable film. Love story twenty fifty mildly better movies and other we watched called action replay wise with two wise probably for or something or maybe some other movie was already called action. Replay numerology okay This was directed by visual immortal. Zsa and hilariously. They say that this is the adaptation of gujarati play also called action replay. But it's obviously the film back the future director pie. Roberts amac is now we you try to watch this film really early on when we became interested. I think this is the first time i'd ever seen akshay kumar. Nfl and i immediately knew i wasn't interested. Because it's back to the vigil. Which i do not like and you were like no come on. It's gonna be fun. And i think you turn it off when he minutes in when it gets to the joke where the gun when parise gun symbol. Symbolizing is boehner. Just falls over suck. It's like a yeah le- tunes. Joe turned it off. Which is another reason why i really wanted to do time. Traveling romance was to make you finally watch the movie that you talked up your cool So this movie. Stars actually kumar. Schreier john one of my two stars out of five. That i gave this movie was entirely for her. Yeah she's great. She's the only good part of the whole thing. Actually 'cause a detroit report definitely not okay. He's rory introduced so this is his second film after linden drina. Okay so yeah comes. After i just love how reintroduced we didn't ninety to be reintroduced. Did you roy kapur some argue that we didn't even need to be introduced to detroit. I would argue that nato in a complete confusing roll. Get to their best friend. I know but like she's just kind of there and also kind of horny for a detroit report but nothing comes of this present in scenes. On pori karen kerr round. Vj singh and reindeer kapoor. This was also poorly received. Kramer critic lincoln virtually and with reason as huge of a flop as love story twenty fifty because they spent like five dollars on this one. Yeah okay so in action replay. I don't remember the character's names but it is. You're working kapoor is a young rich guy. yeah just like love story. The main character is a young rich guy who travels through time purely for his own purposes like just for his own romantic issues basically. His parents are played by. Actually kamar try robuchon. Akshay kumar sheff. He's a chef. I think he owns a restaurant. Know if he's a chef his nickname kitchen because his name is kitchen name and he owns a fancy hotel and restaurant and his wife is sharon. Yeah his wife cheaply depressed because of their life together. I guess shop mahalick shops all the time They argue all the time..

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