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One new port Richey ninety four point five scene three one oh five point nine ten W. X. T. B. ninety seven point nine HD to clear water nine seventy WFLA and online WFLA news dot com good afternoon I'm Felix Vega our top story of for governor on to see if this is updating the public on the state's plans for hurricane Dorian well this is in the Palm Beach county emergency operations center earlier today I'm pleased to report that our our Florida's request for direct federal assistance has been approved by the president that will enable us to draw down more federal resources in anticipation of this storm I had a valuations the governor says the Florida department of transportation as what the shoulders of I ninety five another major highways around the state to ensure they'll be open to those leaving also told will be suspended on the turnpike and other toll roads once evacuation orders are given coming up next the bay area bracing for Dorian first check on traffic from the forest central credit union auto loans traffic center will look at a big delays right now in port Richey Pasco county US nineteen affected north and southbound from a crash at regency park Boulevard you can you scenic drive for an immediate alternate to avoid the selesa will certainly keep you posted heavy traffic keeps building over the Howard Franklin bridge into Tampa north on two seventy five were backed up to the hump now we're still in decent shape on again the bridge of the corner came a causeway no report of problems on the bayside or the sunshine skyway bridge page Carrera newsradio WFLA still partly sunny with a fifty percent chance of showers and storms for the rest of the.

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