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And one of the facts are the baby is neonatal abstinence syndrome and but the risk of that is about one to two percent and itself limited and goes away and doesn't cause any long term problems on the baby but if we withhold antidepression meds and a woman who's really depressed i mean you can imagine what can possibly happen to that woman during pregnancy or after pregnancy and by consequence the baby as well so that's just kind of an example of some of the challenges that we have now in perinatal medicine and what are some of the other health issues or concerns you would have for an expectant mother i mean the other thing too is always been weight gain weight loss i mean we don't obviously ever had vacate losing weight in pregnancy but the bottom line is that women need to stay healthy and obesity is an epidemic in the united states something that we see every day in ohio as well and women need to stay fit and women that thinking about getting pregnant should take that opportunity to get down to a reasonable weight exercise and start an exercise program and continue that exercise program when they're pregnant too often times they get some pressure from family members and such that they're not eating enough and they overeat and obviously that that also causes problems with the pregnancy and with the baby as well so i think that good preconception care talking to your doctor when you're considering pregnancy is the opportunity to really kind of get to the bottom of all those issues i mean let's face it young woman don't go to the doctor they don't need to go to the doctor they're generally.

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