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Produced by. Say Virginia for racers. Like that and By the way we're going to, we'll probably end up using that and open. Virginia's genius for. Racers. Not. Lovers. Racing lovers. Any combination. Too but. Choose. Your You had a great weekend and that was one of the things that kind of. Jumped out the beyond the I had no idea that you were from Lynchburg because a lot of guys like you you've moved to. North. Carolina and that's kind of where everybody goes. Hey, he's from. Concord North Carolina? No He's dies from Lynchburg Virginia. And people don't realize that's a that's a small little dame. It's not a huge town, but it's not a small one either but you know that's My sister lives there. So I mean I. It's so great. To know that we have, we just added another extended driver that I had no idea was from state of Virginia and not I should to be honest with you I apologize our policies straight up because I should know that. As long as. They does get a little I mean it's. Like I was an as an asphalt racing announced at South Boston for a long long time then when I switched over to. The dirt I kind of let the asphalt stuff go go. But now over the last three years doing this show, we talk a lot asphalt raising. So it's great to know we have some great young talent and we hope that we see you climb the ladder and and we hope to see that number five do very well bj McLeod. motorsports because the dude is cool. He's cool looking you know. We hope the best for you both. Yeah. So. We can't thank you enough for taking some time out of scheduled to visit with US man. We look forward to having you back on. Welcome to the family I appreciate thing. I. Think You bring folks. He is Matt Mills. Of course, drives the number five J. F. Electric Chevrolet Camaro for bj McLeod motorsports. and. Yet another kid twenty, three years old. I can say again he's a kid. Actually. To. A Lotta Times I can't say kid I mean I mean you can't I can. Yeah. We'll figure it out. There's just so much talent here in the state. It really is very, very cool vehicle. He did did Racing Virginia proud. On Friday and Saturday, and by the way folks we we we've got numbers for like a G. We got Jeff Burton's now man like. Our creeping on on and I will tell all the fans out there. I have some former drivers that aren't drive. The have retired that I am we're gonNA start segment with where they now kind of thing you know and have some of those guys on. And I'd love to get Tommy ells oh. My God. That'd be good interview. I don't think he'll do it but. I mean he's he's very private, very private. We're going to keep this going to keep this train roller. Yes speaking of Tommy's. We're going to talk to the owner of Virginia motorsports, Park Course Tommy. Franklin. How're you doing Tommy? Doing good good to talk to you. By the way we had talked I didn't know it was going to be this early because we wanted to have you back on. Because we don't think we never I. Don't think we scratched the surface in our last interview because we talk more about you own emp. Well, when when it all comes down I mean you are one of the country's top pro MoD drivers as well. I'm GonNa say this your VP. Tyler Cross now kind of kind of under the bus a little bit earlier. And he said that we should talk to you about. Last. Year pro MoD, versus radio versus the world..

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