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We are where we are in this, which is a deep deep hole, if and this is a pretty. Wild hypothetical here I understand, but if you got a call from secretary as our who is now the health and Human Services Secretary. Or from someone else looking for advice, and said Donna at some point, we're going to have a vaccine. What do you think we should do to make sure that the vaccine? Gets distributed well, what would you tell them? You know I would tell them that in September October. We need to do a dry run with the flu vaccine. We now unoccupied about forty five percent of the population. To really get. Control the virus. Once you have vaccine, you need to inoculate probably seventy percent of the population, so I would tell him get ready now for a huge effort to get everybody. Their flu shot for two reasons number one. We need a dry run to make sure we have the infrastructure for distributing the new covid nineteen vaccine, because we know how we now disturbed me the flu vaccine and we have passively to distribute the covid nineteen vaccine, but we need to do a dry run, and the recent one of the reasons to get people there flu vaccines. Vaccines is we don't want people dying from the flu and mixing them up with covid nineteen patients in the hospitals, so we have to run a major national campaign explained to the American people that they have to get their flu vaccine now because that will help us when we get a copen on nineteen vaccine online, and it will save lives. Not only the lives lost to the flu, but we'll save lives in our hospitals, so we don't Jim up our hospitals. That's what I would tell him. Do you have faith will be able to pull that off? I've convinced the appropriations committee to put money in for. That flew Kim. And for the publicity surrounding it, but that's what I would do. We have a distribution system. I'm not worried about the distribution system. We have the drugstores and the doctor's offices in the hospitals and the community health centers and the Walmart's. We have places where we could give the shots. is to do a dry run. To make sure it runs smoothly and we can do that because we need to get the flu shots out in the fall. You haven't heard that before, right? I have not that's. Interesting and seems what somewhat reasonable idea. A flu shot I was always getting at my office last couple of jobs I've had. I don't know I. Used to do that at the department. What I discovered that by executives were getting their flu shots I had a nurse coming in and shoot them all up and I didn't in all the universities that I was at and many universities are to require the flu shot this fall. So maybe moving, but we need to be about seventy percent..

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