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Pittsburgh they play in the same division we know what type of knockout dragout skip i have the utmost companies in their defense get but i just don't know when your aarp is this the knee mick unless you create four or five turnover input your office are on a very very short beal i just do not see a team that does not turn the ball over in this office methodically driving the ball down the field in winning a ballgame they're dangerous team would i bet against them no but i'm not gonna put any money saying they could recoup do what they've done in the past was big into the playoffs because their offenses is worse than maybe this ever been saying something you hit the nail on the head i mean they're dangerous teams simply because of their defense and one not one point that you made that i wanted to make justin tucker is their offense here's their offense when you talk about getting the ball across midfield and in field goal range he is almost automatic so that's their offense i don't trust joe flaco i don't trust their offense at all but their defense in what to real serb said historically they have been in november december team in they'd find a way to win and when you look at their schedule they got the lion's who are struggling who they need to win so that may be a tough one form and in the steelers but then there they in with the browns the colts in the bangladesh the browns they whipped handily the bang was they beat handily i just if they can figure out a way to win three out of those last five games nine and seven may allow them opportunity to sneak in scale where does uh the keypad of the deep youth of guys that why the hell can he keep battling undrafted scout mielke ilker you get rate though that you would pretty good i got a hall of fame been you get irri lynn you give full peter bowl where you keep getting all these these days moseley leede de would come on skin so who forced the turnover that ice the game last night that guy did absolutely i have had many many tv.

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