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Alice to learn more about tier wait. What's it called again tear topography. And she doesn't have a book too so you can even buy the book like all this artwork in book form which is really as well so links to all of those things will be on our website. Leeann lovely thank you. Yeah my pleasure. Michael sheet is productivity and this is making packs packs with yourself or others. This comes from near yells book indestructible. I haven't read the book. But i have taken a video course from him. Which has the same name. And it is based on the book and there was a section of the course that corresponds to chapter four and his book and it has to do with this making tax from yourself for making packs with yourself and others that i gained a lot from pre commitments. That's one of the things you want to be thinking about what this making pre commitments and these keep you from feeling distracted by removing a future twice however they should only be used after the other indestructible strategies have already been applied that he talks about in the earlier parts of the book so he talks about these pre commitments. Any says that there are three different kinds of them that you can use and one is. He calls an effort packed. The other one is a price pact and the last one is an identity packed and effort packed. This prevents distraction from doing what you wanna do by making unwanted behaviors difficult to do so for example. You could use like a chrome extension. There's one called stay focused to block websites like facebook and read it. If you're trying to avoid those so it takes more effort to maneuver yourself around them. A price pact. Does this one's pretty obvious. It's a price that you would pay if you don't do it. So this is a financial cost to getting distracted. However he does give a caveat that you need to be aware if you're going to use the price pact that they aren't good at changing behaviors if there are external triggers that you can't control also it should only be used for short tasks and he said it's kind of scary and it's not good for people who beat themselves up a lot. It is better for people who practice self compassion and the final one identity packed. This is a pre commitment to a self image so by committing to being the kind of person that you want to be your field that you already are. You don't always act like that way. You are more likely to have the behaviors of that ideal version of yourself so again. This is making packs with yourself. Shawn who i liked that as the last few weeks i've been talking about all kinds of different methods and hacks or whatever you wanna call on my heat kind of using them tax but i like this one so i'm into this right now big time and so i like the packs on. Yes my favorite one. And the one that's worked for me is the last one the anyone and that actually helped a lot with getting me to exercise more i was like i am an athlete like i was just like. Yeah i know. I am the kind of person that gets up early in the morning and goes to the gym or whatever that that has been successful. That's cool and reminds me. I haven't actually read the book yet either. But i've read a couple of different blog posts. A podcasts and things like this atomic cabinet says supposed to be really good. It's been on my list forever. And i think that's what is kind of mindset is it's insertive i'm a clean person versus. I have to clean my house today. Yes like kind of creating systems by go. I'm a clean person. So i don't leave my dishes in the way into the dishwasher or i rinse rent some right. Whatever that is and yeah. So it's kinda kinda reminds now and yeah. I need to read atomic habits as well. And now i need to check out this book. Yes i would say as you said. There are these blog posts. And so that's why. I gave a link to to since you don't have to buy the book of course by the book and then the course you have to pay for so if you just wanna read about it for free. I have linked to that links for everything we're talking about. Oracle sheets are at ten buses dot com. Slash alice cool. I love me some freely. That's a really cool because again you can kind of dip your toes. It seems like it and if you do then by the book if you're still want more even do the course that's very cool. Thank you so much for sure. All right. I'm going to be talking about a community concept. This is called the third place. So this is one of the links. I'm gonna share. Share bunch actually is a three part series of articles called the third place. The third places the concept which identifies places that are not home. That's your first place or work. That's your second-place these a third-place existed for centuries but they were given the name by the sociologist rate oberg in his book the great good place which i actually own. I have read pages of it at least And so these great. These places are churches. Coffee shops gyms hair salons post office. Even main streets bars beer gardens bookstores parks and community centers. So in other words it's the communities living room so he talks about eight distinguishing characteristics that define a third place so neutral ground or common meeting place so the individuals are free to come and go as they pleased with little obligation or entanglements with other participants to levellers places that encourage and are inclusive of social and cultural diversity. So the number three. They also have a regular patron patrons. So this includes regulars who attract newcomers and also give the space. It's characteristic mood. So i love that you on a regular bars or other places. And they do they do add to the mood. And the ambiance of the place For low profile informal places five places that foster playful atmosphere six a home away from home seven a place. Where conversation is a primary activity and playfulness and wit collectively valued. Eight places that are easy to access and accommodate various Sanitary activities so again. This is the third place. Does this include parks like like that. Because i immediately when you said. Third place i i feel you talked about as long time ago. Is that possible not specifically not not not in the podcast but with me. Personally it'd be. Probably i definitely because i'm so much into the community especially so i've had this book for ten years so it's always been on my mind for sure i don't know if i've named it the third place but i just love these common gavin okay. I think things is definitely a big part of my ethos. I'm listening you at some point. I heard something about. Where do you spend your time. And the home and work or one into and i was thinking about. Where do i spend if i had to count hours and it would be mental. Brown island. park is number three. I would say. I find out of hours but it's not fitting in it too exactly that but yeah. It doesn't quite fit for a third place by this definition because it's not a more community kind of a social place at least when i go to mental. I'm kind of walking by myself. This is more of a gathering place. Now they did talk about what they called. Senior parks and i believe japan or china where they're actually have playground equipment geared toward seniors which was so. It's like things that they can use to stretch with. Maybe some equipment that they can use. It's out in public and for free but they usually come very early so they connect with their friends. They get some exercise and they walk around the park so tight. Yeah there's different. Yeah different exercises that they can do sure depending on their discipline and where the from yes absolutely so parks did fit in but it does have to have kind of that social interaction. That's why coffee shops and things like that where you can gather you know. Of course examples like maybe on tv would be Cheers of course the bar where everybody knows your name. Maybe people that were at that age. Maybe friends you know. They had the central perk. I think it was. But they're little coffee shop that they always gathered to and that was just there hanging out with friends so having a hang out with your friends or even by yourself but you still have this community and it talks about the creation of suburbs. And how that's kind of disappeared. Now i think actually with cova has been solidified. Why these places are so important. Need these community places to gather and socialize. Even if you're not talking to strangers necessarily just being around people that are gathering social situations definitely is good for the soul. Yeah yeah oh thank you and to read more about it. You can look up ten assists dot com slash. Alice michael sheet. I am going to be talking about something..

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