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In, if I'm correct, my friend Ravi Harrison since Thursday, you've been locked in your house with a golf club in hand watching the tournament, the my correct. No absolutely not. No, the masters. The masters was enough for you. Wasn't it? More excitement dealing with the masses. I agree hundred percent first major of the year, a lot more exciting, the second major, the but boy, it's been an interesting time in New York, and let me tell you something Rodney, let me start by saying this, I'm forty years old. I've been a jet fan since one thousand nine hundred eighty six I was at the barber last week. And she says, I get a couple of grades on the side this may because I'm getting older. But then I realized it's not because I'm getting older. I get gray hairs. It's because I'm a jet fan. And they don't fail to disappoint me. Yet again as the New York Jets earlier this week did one of the more, you know, head scratching moves that you're gonna find in professional sports. They spend over one hundred twenty million dollars in free agency. They go out and have an entire draft. And then they fired the GM who drafted guys who signed guys in free agency, who you thought was going to be okay. He I guess helped hand pick Adam gates as a new head coach. And yet, the jets have let Mike maccagnan go Rodney. I was stunned when the news came down. I believe on Wednesday. Were you stunned when you heard the New York Jets fired their GM at this point of the calendar year? No, absolutely not really nothing surprises me in the National Football League anymore. I mean, you think about the jets and how they've had, you know, just you look at the jets, and you look at the roster and all the TRAN active when they hired a bowls, and they gave him that extra year and I felt like really, he should have been fire, probably a year before they eventually let him go. It doesn't surprise me. Mike, the general manager Mike mcalinden when he was there. I felt like this year. He actually did a pretty good job. He got some free agents and even though he had to overpay for him. I thought they did a pretty good job in the draft. So I, I really feel like in this situation. It's a no brainer for him. It's like it's, it's a no lose situation. And when I say that is because the jets, actually, I think they got better and I think even if he even if he's not there. He gets credit if they're really good if they're really bad, then, guess what most people like you jets fans and saying, you know what, we're, we're so used to the jets and Adam gays and now Adam gates will get the blame. So, I think Mike mechanic. I think he's in a good situation because no matter what happens, I think he's gonna he's gonna come out. Okay. Here's the problem that I have though when it comes to it, you know, there's a saying in New York, the same old jets, and every year, they seem to kind of live up to that saying, and to me, this kind of the same Wayne, here's why the last time the New York Jets had a GM that brought in his head coach was when Mike Tenenbaum, who's now an analyst on TV brought in Rex Ryan, that was, like two thousand five or something like that, right. I mean, it's been a long time since Rex Ryan became that coach of the jets and after that they've always had these like arranged marriages between the GM and the head coach when John Zeke was brought in for a disastrous two years. With Rex Ryan already there. They didn't get along right? They didn't hire each other. The Todd Bowles mcalinden thing they were kind to hire together. But it was a search firm that brought him mcalinden heating go out there and handpick his coach Todd Bowles. And apparently they had very little relationship. Okay. And this was the first instance where might mcalinden kind of brought in his guy who happened to be Adam gays and to be, that's a healthy working environment. When you bring in the guy that you want to work with right? You don't wanna arrange marriages, where you're forced to work with somebody you're forced to deal with somebody because that's what ownership is done. And it's never really worked in New York, and here, you're gonna have another case where you ready. Have head coach right? Most GM's don't want to take a job Rodney, because they want to be able to bring in their own head coach lamb cases. He getting fired and Secondly, Rodney Adam gates. I actually think he's a pretty good coach. I do, but the resumes, not exactly loaded with a chief mints to where Adam geisha, any sort of say, in player, personnel, decisions, yet, and he shouldn't have much say, frankly, and who the next GM is. So I just think it's. Just say a craziness in terms of the hierarchy of an organization what the jets have done here yet again. What's the big picture? The big picture is this teens aren't very patient, when they continue to hire coaches all the time, you, you basically have chef life of two to three years. Maybe if you're fortunate and to me, it just it just shows how unstable the jets are when you unstable as an organization in how can the players go out there with great confidence. No. On that. Okay. We're gonna be okay. We're going to have stability in upper management to players. Look at all that, you know, as much as we we're responsible going out there taking care of our bodies going out there producing on the field. The players are still very smart. They sit back and look at how unstable the organization is, and then, also as a free agent like do I want to go to the jets, they don't have much stability? So I mean these are things that they have to concern themselves with I think the public no one is really surprised that the jets are find themselves in this mess. Good thing is they have a coach in place to have some good players in place. Now. It's tough Adam gays who hasn't really proven that he's a great coach, regardless of what you say. How can you give a guy like that both the general manager position as well as they head coach heavily improving it? He's a great head coach. Let alone trying to handle general manager duties, I think it's crazy. And as a general manager you have so many different responsibilities. You have to deal with the coaches to scout you much must watch tape. You have to look at potential free agents. You have to do so many different things your counselor scout and looking at tape, and how you going to do that. If you're trying to coach and you're trying to direct your team. I just think that they need to hire someone and someone fast and it has to be a guy that gets along with Adam gates, you can't have one different general manager come in with a head coaching expect these guys to work out. I mean look at look at Shanahan and look at John Lynch, and it was reported rift between those guys last week. Yeah. No, you're absolutely right about that. There's going to be some working issues. No question about it. But there's gotta be relationship between GM and a coach. Because the fact is they have to work together to build a roster. Right. They have to work together to better team to where it can compete for a Super Bowl. I agree with what you said mcadoo had a really good offseason on paper lease. He did overpaid. But I think the jets act overpay to get free agents to come to a directional situa-. So as a fan, you're so as a fan. You're okay with them overpaying. Because as a fan you get excited. Oh, hey, we pay maybe on extra six or seven million as a fan. I'm thinking of, like who cares? We got lady on bell. We got CJ. Moseley CJ Moseley. He's a good player. He's not a great player to me. And for the life of me, I don't know where to jets calculated how much you're gonna give this guy, but he's still will be a very big difference maker. I think he's going to really solidify that middle feel he makes some place. He's very consistent. I think he's a very, very solid player. And that's what they need. You're trying to build the defense you're trying to build a defense along with Jamal. Adams, who I think is a potential superstar. I don't expect him to go backward. I expect him to keep moving forward. And, you know, you look at Sam darnold. I think Sam darnold, he's going to take that next step. Yeah. But here's the interesting thing to apparently the big rift between gays and mcalinden was bringing in Latvian bell. Rodney where do you stand on that? We know mccaghren wanted him. He went out there game a lot of money. The reports in New York is that Adam gates didn't want lay John Bell because he didn't think you have to pay that much for a running back. You shouldn't have thought that they probably could have gotten him for less money, but should they be mitt picking over money when it's the jets and it's not like Levi on bell was waiting to hop on over in New York and play for the jets. Right. A lot of the reason why leave you on bell came to the jets is because they paid them more money than anybody does table. What, what, what are you gonna do going threaten cannon as you're running back go out there and get some, you know, over the hill, type running back who's going to be available, you bring in a Frank gore to me? I actually side. The cabinet here lady on bell is the best safety blanket on the market. You could've found for a young quarterback in Sam darnold. Right to me, Adam gazes wrong when it comes to the, the so-called, rift involved when it came to lay John Bell, and bringing them in. I wouldn't say he's wrong. I would just say that he has a different opinion. Because coach Bela check would never pay a guy like Levi. I'm Bill twelve fourteen fifteen million dollars a year, you don't need to pay a running back that much in order to have success. However, I do think the jets have a special situation where they just need it. They need a big name guy Levy on bell. Does a multitude of things and he can really come in and help because think about this regardless of him getting paid. He's still a very prideful guy. He wants to come in and he wants to prove to people that he's not a fluke in, you know, he can stay healthy that he can't be that dominant running back because think about it. When you start talking about the best running backs in the league. Everyone saying now saquon Barkley, it was laid me. I'm Bellavy I'm Bill and maybe Todd Gurley than Todd Gurley took over last year with what he did. And now. All of a sudden it saquon Barkley. So there's a lot of personal pride, you know, mixed in with all this. I think me, I'm Bill was a great a great side. And now as a general manager, I would have never paid them that, but I do believe that this works out for the jets because Sam darnold knell has a legitimate superstar at the running back position. He's hungry. He's gonna come in, and I think he's gonna make a world of difference and me being a defensive players like man, you can't put a linebacker out on on him one on one. So almost it changes, your concept defensively, because, now you have to think about, maybe bringing in the safety to play linebacker in Casey, and Casey motions out to defend them. So it creates a lot of problems for the defense. And I think, you know, sometimes you have to overpay for guys. I think lady, I'm Bill is going to pay off. But all in all, what one thing that concerns me is just a history of injuries. You know because even if you sitting out your body is still getting older, even though you're not getting pounded on now. You're absolutely right about that. And later on bell. There has been an injury concern, only once in his career has he actually. Played all sixteen games. And now is the second year in the league for him now when he is healthy. He's an absolute beast. There's no question about it. But the fact is yes, bell, no question makes the jets a better offense and a much more dangerous offense. And as you said, you have to gain plan against the lady, I'm bell. If you are defensive coordinator if you are a defensive player looking at that team going to be fun to see it's the New York Jets are they going to be the same old jets were they make leaps and bounds improvements. This year. Rodney, let me ask you this. Let me just ask suck and write it down who wins who's, who's gonna come in first place is gonna come. Let's, let's do that. That's first place who's taking second place, the jets the jets are the second best team in the third fourth bombo. Okay. We agree on that the jets can go eight maybe nine and seven what do you think? Yeah. And I say if they have a lot of lot of lot of lot, a lot of luck tendency, six. Yeah. Sam darnold would have to play like a pro bowler for them to go six. Write it down. We'll see what happens going to be fun to watch a guy that we both..

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