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I'm curious you mentioned that the two years away from the program. How does that process work? You know, obviously, he's on the more mission, but you recruit him, and he commits and then he doesn't play for for two years. How often did you keep in touch with him through all of that? And I mean, were you guys able to give him certain things you wanted to focus on or how did that process kind of work? Well, obviously with the moment mission, there's some pretty strict guidelines in terms of communication, and then what young man able to do while he's away and we wanted to respect that. So our communication with Brennan pretty much in entailed. Our ability to Email him once. Week on Monday. And we catch them up or with where our program was at. We'd also encourage him, you know, as he was away from home doing something that was obviously really good for them. But at times tough, and I think I didn't come back from the mission of better player. A better person. I think he's gained an invaluable experience of perspective of maturity, and I think it's allowed him to be in a position where he's more ready or college than he would have been two years ago. So it's a it's a positive thing. Even though we weren't allowed to have a great deal of contact with them. Joey Hauser's, brother. Sam had hip surgery this past summer. See, what's what's his progression? Been like, obviously, he's back in the lineup and he's playing, but it's still something you gotta work through. I'm sure. Yeah. You know? I mean, obviously they issue last year bothered Sam specially there at the end of the season he had surgery directly following the end of our season. And it was a long rehab process. But like everything Sam does San Metaxas. He's back in the hip is one hundred percent healthy. And but anytime you take significant time away from the game. It takes a while to get your legs, and your timing and all of those things back to back to where it was and and SAM's going through a little of that. But you know, at the end of the day were a better team when Sam Houser is on the floor, the weather his legs are completely back or not. And and and that will come I have complete confidence that SAM's grew up. Great teammates. I think he's a great college player. He's a team. I I to the off it level. And is is it tough match-up? I'm a big fan of his game. I have been since high school. But what's the upside for him? He's so versatile. We can do things on both sides of the ball. I just think there's a lot of potential there. Yeah. No. I think Sam can continue to grow as a player. I think to his first two years you saw a lot of growth sitting last year. He's putting the ball in the Florida in the basket more his post game became a weapon for us. You know, season involved. I think he can still get better than those areas just his experience and is ability now and upperclassmen to be leader a leader and have a leadership role is is usually important because SAM's a guy even as a freshman, centigrade example now he's gotta do that not only through gamble, but also through vocal leadership and sharing his experiences of the thing. That work and things that we have to avoid. And so I love having him on my team. He's he's what I would hope every Marquette player would be like, I'm sure you guys were pretty excited to open up and get in the the new arena this year. Pfizer forum. What kind of impact can a brand new arena like that have on on the program from a recruiting standpoint from a fan engagement standpoint them. I'm sure you guys are pretty pumped up to get in there. Well, it's as good a place to play a college basketball game during his states state of the art. It was out for basketball. It's great court. You know, from a recruiting standpoint, she the kids that have seen it recognized that you know, building..

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