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Know who you wanna who the man day is today, the man of the day will soon Kim traitorous? That's the man of the day in Chicago. You wanna know why grand slam home run and a win. Good morning damn. If you slept if you went to bed early last night, the cubs won. In the fall. Most wins in baseball jeeze Lido never wanted to in his life. I see. Oh my God. We'll see. Same very exciting. So they will get the back half of the of the classic one few weeks. We do that don't do that game series play the Mets tomorrow. Don't they don't know? I thought when do they go to the Sessa looked at? Fourth of July. Yeah. That'll be exciting. This good. It's nice one for each one for the north side one for the south games. All right. Majorities in the Dominican Republican firm that Red Sox lager. David Ortiz, was not the target of the shooting inside a nightclub in his hometown. The intended target was a friend of Ortiz, who is seated next to him, and dress similarly, this bad gunman berry bad. I mean if I hire a gunman I expect you're going to get the person, right? Like I need you to get person, right? Yeah. Part of the, the written contract that I would sign because of course, that's written contract. I would sell fish. Yeah. That you would shoot the right guy, and big Papi's, like big Papi like he's a recognizable dude. Right. Even if you're looking from the back he was shown a picture of the tug at minutes before the attack became confused on who was supposed to shoot. Eleven people at currently in custody for the attempted murder of the Red Sox star, but law enforcement officials say the mastermind behind the shooting is still on the rod Ortiz remained hospitalized from the gunshot wound to his back. But doctors have upgraded his condition. See this is what I this is what would happen like I've read a lot of books about you'll criminal activity. The underworld one guy was. Pill run on a pill mill. And then he got it is kinda illicit stuff, and then the one before that was about the silk road. Website and see I and these guys were like almost untraceable except for one thing they did that they could get caught up in. I'd be the guy and I watched a lot of dateline to I'd be the guy who would like commit the perfect crime, except I was wearing my apple watch one fatal mistake stupid like this. What happens every time it'd be like, really an apple watch 'cause you don't have GPS on it attracts. You puts you right? Where you, you know, did everything. Right. That'll be what I would do it happened to me. So they don't commit crimes with your apple watch on. Think. Yeah. Right. You would think, but, you know, someone's gonna do it, you know, and, or like the forget to unplug the, the Amazon thing that or whatever Alexa, and then they would record me going. I'm Fred and I'm going to kill you. Myself and you kick in the door. One of you is big Papi. Fred. View of this is this is all technology. You screwing up simple crimes really is. Yeah. I mean, a lot of simple crimes are played out through technology. How would you be though, if you hire a hitman and they're like job got it wrong. And they send you like the eagle has landed, adding, you're like to get you fund that it was the wrong person I'd be mad. Yes. Hypothetical, by the way, I would never, I would I've seen too many deadlines to engage in illegal activity, plus prisons. Look very undesirable. I really don't think I would do well in prison, I feel like I would I would be taken advantage of. Lakewood colorado. Police tweeted a video fifteen to twenty adults having a brawl on a baseball field. Nothing kids to parents, these parents coaches decided to take it out on each other, and it's horrible seems the trigger was thirteen year old empire who ruled that a seven year old player had batted out of order if thirteen-year-old players. Yeah. Police issued four disorderly conduct citations enter still seeking one man who can be seen in the video wearing a white t shirt. Sucker punching Campbell. As it looked the other way officials say one of the entries is being classified as series what the post is video sane at dot com. It's like really parents be totally ashamed of themselves. You can't conduct yourself at a seven year old don't do it. Rubio swinging bats. Don't do it. Rubio don't be that superintendent parents. Have you ever seen that video a have to find a play the audio of the coach giving the pre game speech to the kids about how olives at the plate for you? I hope it's fake. But it's pretty funny. If it's real, he's giving his speech about how losing is not. Okay. Oh, God off to find him. But, but he. Yeah, it's, it's kind of funny on airplanes. Seat manufacture believes that product can help carriers push capacity to the limit goodness. Queasy even further on these planes at the Paris auto show. Obvio- interior revealed their sky, rider, saddle like airplane seat. Passengers would lean on a bicycle seat type cushion that sits higher than traditional airline seat legs, sort of hang on the saddle like off of them. Like you're riding a horse and the seat sits straight up forcing good posture. And this little need cut out in the back side for some extra legroom essentially would be on a saddle. Packing. You in two distinct sardines, then the question becomes though, if they have all these different kinds of seats, would you choose the saddle seat if it were half the price of a normal seat? How long is the flight, though, like if it's over an hour that would be rough to sit like that? And I don't think it'd be very comfortable. I mean it's not going to be very comfortable, you're sitting perfectly straight up like at a ninety. But if it's, you know, one hundred dollars two hundred dollars do you take like a rollercoaster seat? I'll ride it looks like a roller coaster seats does except is even full seat. Really think it would be. Up and down. I just set that. Yeah, but it's half the price rookie also again, I'll take it. You're in for how long would you ride on that? I'll be in the bathroom for forty five minutes. ventures endgame is getting re released with new footage marvel studios president he said that if you stay and watch the movie after the credits will be deleted scene a little tribute and a few surprises it will hit the next weekend unclear how many screens play on and how long they're released will be in theaters it made two point seven four billion dollars to date and they're gonna make a whole bunch more doing it because they want to avatar because avatars it super eight billion they're going to release it and they got the new little nugget at the end people will go watch it again and then lead avatar yeah but it's worth it'll be worth it speaking of avengers endgame atop the wave first nominations for the twenty nineteen teen choice awards in nine awards nine nominations rather in categories including choice action movie choice action actress and choice movie villain Aladdin received five nominations crazy. Rich Asians and aquaman for each Riverdale. The flash shadow hunters, five nominations each. Little Nuys ex got a nomination Billy. Eyeless. Cardi. B R, A day, black pink, all nominations above your favorites, teen choice. Dad vote now TV or on Twitter. New monopoly is a new monopoly game out. It'll have a voice controlled AI banker that won't cheat. No. That's part of the game is to have the cheesy paper money to fake money and some what you had to be watching the banker.

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