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Three minutes to the hour by Sergio Sanchez big. Thank you to Dana. And all the crew thanks for calling us up. Again. We're broadcasting the Dana show from mcallen taxes. You wanna find me? There's only one talk radio station in mcallen, the Rio Grande valley. Just look it up bang the thing or Google. And there you go we'll be able to talk as far as my Twitter feed. It's at Sergio talk time for Florida, man. Time for Florida person. Time to check walk is up to. Okay. So this one comes from Jacksonville. And we acknowledged the folks over at FOX thirty four the story Florida man, accusing a KFC worker hitting him in the face with box of chicken. Sheriff's office looking into this attack. The victim Ronald Jenkins. He was upset because he didn't see the employees preparing the food that he had just ordered Jenkins. He took out his phone like we all do. Here comes a situation that we can post online he starts recording this incident. The video shows Jenkin waiting for his food at the drive through these the employers, and Mr. Jenkin started to exchange some words, and and the employees noticed that Mr. Jenkins was recording a video. So what is the employees do shade Simmons his name shade? He throws chicken at Mr. Jenkins. That would not have worked with me, man. I I guarantee you man, I would have caught that chicken sped out the.

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