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Today it's wednesday so it must be. Pm cues. i'm pat patrick. Mcguire and i pulled the action live from the house of commons to analyze. What's going on between boyce johnson and kissed. That's up in just a moment. But first columbus panel. Today it's thompson. Say their morning alice. Hi this hour. We also acting editor at city and so vegetables. I'll ask you if you got particularly bad. Examples of poor customer service being blamed on covert. I've had eleven to two banks. I have to say the queuing up for hours. We have one bank with mine in the whole of london that you could go to directing us all to so there was a sort of four q breathing does he's about you. Add and mainly on transport services. I have to confess so slutty. Arbitrary constellations zeh often involve staff members Not quite making it all the way to acting degrees of skepticism about that particularly when it was august last year in the vanishingly few cases in the country but whether it was very nice i remember if he's not quite. Customer service is particularly amused by the so the cinema a couple of weeks ago. It was only my wife in the cinema. Nobody else there and they kept coming in with night vision goggles to make sure we weren't filming it. They came in three times and each with the goggles. And then got a cloth. Out and white all one bannister watts across the back of the then wiped the other balanced all the way that three times what they thought we were doing to the bonuses. They thought you were doing anyway. Maybe weren't it just don't know but anyway the bonuses were despite the fact that has been repeatedly suggested you can't catch co off about us anyway but you know maybe it's a good thing that klay anyway. This isn't why we're here. Let's not let's let's let's talk about gareth southgate's the ultimate middle aged crush. I'm afraid he is. The problem is even. If you don't like football you've ended up loving him. That's not and i think there was a great threat on twitter a couple of days ago. saying that gareth southgate is the kind of person that if you were going for colonel. Skopje would drive you there and then sit outside and quality. Aegis shake and not say anything. The one i'm not sure about this and scotch eggs. I was but it would know But on the other hand it's that sense that he would just look after and that is what women are exhausted. At the moment i think a lot of them and if you look at the polls they seem to be much ball exhausted the men and todd and rundown on they have. They've been picking up most at the childcare. And i knew michigan stop complaining but statistically they have the onus figures show that doing a lot more children cleaning home cooking And you just want the you want a man like is southgate. Southgate's just gonna come along in stock out the dishwasher in the right way and maybe make a meal to look after your bit to take you to your appointments even get you an appointment so difficult get one. Yeah most of the complaints. We've heard about customer service will be will just moaning about their gp surgeries Who gareth thought that wouldn't he is not really him. It's just we want someone who's just going to be and is a winner at the same time. So that's the thing is we don't want we want one of those men he's gonna nor john leconte but also be quite successful tallorder if you if you got the hasegawa south guys well under i. The my song on on the possible sidewise on sudan so onboard uss point because yeah suggests that particularly women. I'm young than hardest. Hit actually on economic sciences bill on health taxes really. We'll have a conference in you know cats and they will have to be a reckoning students. I think i think is going to be afraid. Tacit at how you come out as kind of recognize but he's groups that have been hit hardest. Those groups that the mice I've been a menu run on this program on data and on the pages of city. Yeah yeah about generation feet long not say to forty and you have essentially given up significant amount of fine. The and laced in this little sideshow might Trump doesn't necessarily really on a health out. Some safe i think they will have to be arrested afterwards. Woods as you come out. I'm going out to government look softer amongst showing put it that way on this leg up or is this something about just sort of emotional intelligence that you were talking about alistair actually just even a paving to give. A monkey's is politically goes quite a long way. That just being able to sound like you understand and appreciate these things and obviously you know you want some policy the to sort of flow from that but sounding like your your you appreciate. The reality of people's lives is such a crucial thing in politics. Isn't it well. That's the problem with this government party. It's very male-dominated and a lot of the press conferences happy. Well we know that my eighty nine sentiment bean mailing. So you've got very male dominated government going on and ministers and then you have the sense when with childcare or with the over the or the all the big decisions. You're making the government's just not that. You know that fasting. Around by roy awards. And there's a lot of mixed messages that we you know we've been given the whole time and you know families are trying to work out what to do. They're trying to work out whether or not they go on holiday. They're trying to work out. Whether or not that. You should be at school that trying to work out. Whether the elderly parents can be visited. What you want is really clear concise message which is the one thing you're not getting and i think particularly women find that really exhausting when they're trying to plan and organize and get on with that day and then suddenly child back again because they've had to be in a bubble you just you just don't know what's going to happen. I think that's the real problem. And i think that's why they look at someone like southgate. Who's very clear by his aims on what he wants to do and it might be boring and dull and pedestrian in your possible. Ford's without much happening but at least you where you are with him. And i think that's what they feel like. Boris johnson is too much of a game. It's just not a up. I wonder as well whether the he seems like a nice man..

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