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But basically, it sounds very Sifi. But I'm just troubled by the fact that it's like light travels at that speed. And I'm like, but. Well, what I've heard about that is like multi versus like different universes could have different properties. But you're saying it's possible the same universe. We have to define universal university or the reality. Every university is everything. Okay. So then what would you call a parallel different space to like what we occupy? I guess what's different properties of matter. Right. So I forget how what the diameter of our observable universe is. It's billions of light years, and it keeps getting bigger as light from further back reaches us, finally. But the way over here, there's another of the circle Jin that could also have, you know, galaxies and earth, but there are there different levels of multi level one level two different theories in one theory allows for the possibility for the laws of physics themselves to be different from one to the other. And this leads the whole question of we'll of course, the laws of physics are what they are. Because the the ones we have are conductive to things existing like us that can ask why they exist, but in a universe where I don't know energy isn't conserved the same way or something you might just not be able to get complex life forms that can ever go. Now. What's this energy thing about? So so experimenting. Discover what's going on with traveling. I'd also like to do would you if you could go on a one trip journey around the universe speed of light. Would you do it? Because if you travel the known universe at the speed of light. I remember Carl Sagan saying something like it would take you like fifty years. But by the time, you got back to earth like a billion years would have passed or something. Would you take that spaceship ride as I get older, I feel less like I would. Yeah. Because I'm not as alone. I've got a wife. We wanna have kids when I was like totally single. I'd be like. Come back in ten years of my time to an earth. That's a million years older. Yes. I'll be a celebrity now. I'm like, I kinda need to be here for the people in my life. Now by the time you get back. They may have already been like, dude, we already are scientists crazy. We already figured all this shit out. There's a name for that problem. Where like I could get start on my journey and like two seconds sin people show up there. Hey, man, like, we're already like way ahead of you. Your trip? That's one. Yeah. What's the point to? It's like you come back. You know? I mean, what good really did it? Do you right? You're probably goes to a lot of cosmic rays and radiation. You you're a living piece of history you'll come back, and they'll be like, do you? Remember this band, the beat Lewis, and you're like, it's pronounced Beatles. And they're like we never knew because no recordings exist in. You're able to be our imagine. If we had an agent gypsy could be like, here's how we built them. Like, I was there. Here's what my day to day. Life was here's an here's what might cognitive processes are like here's how I think in feel and how he described that. We'd be like. Wow, dude. But we'll probably be able to upload brains like in the next hundred years, and that whole trip will be like way more difficult to make when we can do that. We can just you know. Build a copy of my brain. And I don't die on this consciousness that lives in media Niro, signing up for Cisco picture, what is one let me say this on that topic..

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