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The next round of winter is going to be selected later today and announced Wednesday night. If you want a shot at winning the fifth and final drawing next week, you have to have gotten at least one dose of a covid vaccine and you have to register at Ohio vaccine million dot com by Sunday. At 11. 59 PM Even with security protocols stepped up at Kings Island, the amusement park again had trouble on its hands this past weekend. Police in Park security, responding to reports of unruly juvenile behavior Saturday night near the parks, public drop off area Basin Police Department says it's unclear how many individuals were involved. This time around one adult and five juveniles are currently facing charges after several incidents at Kings Island Back on May 23rd Man is dead after a shooting Saturday night in Hartwell. It happened a little after 11 o'clock at the 8400 Block of Dixie Avenue 30 year old Chris Beverly was found dead at the scene. No arrests have been made. Meanwhile, Boone County police are looking for a man who pulled a gun on one of their officers. Early Sunday morning, Police were called to a gas station off of Mary Grubs Highway and Walton confronted a drug suspect in his car. As he stepped out of the vehicle. The man allegedly pointed a gun at one of the officers head before taking off on foot. He eventually made his escape. If you can help in either one of those cases, call Crime stoppers at 352. 30 40. The Reds did it again yesterday. The pitch ground ball up the middle. Can't get it. That's a base hit. At least two will score. India Rounding second, He's a third Winker hustling all the way in the second. That's a double.

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