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Oh to annual did woman accused of witchcraft you know something that was very very prominent in a traditional african societies dan what idrissa wanteed actively to show and these one you know running line of peace moviemaking to shine a light on the african issues african traditionally shoot site release used at where there and force people who are watching to think about what he's going on and i think that what he wanted here to do is to to say that does no such thing as which graft so he uds storytelling to tackle some of the year believes that dawn's stan scientific challenges so real stories of real people from burkina fasso what's been the reaction what what have you heard from burkina fasso to his death while i mean depraved in himself depression of bukina faso a sad that uh east debt wars a tremendous loss to the entire county and he went on to say that particularly for the movie industry dismore world of the movie industry in burkina fashionable that was really huge a blow but of course you would hear for example people who worked alongside him like the actor rusmana where drug he's one of the famous actors locally there who played in that the arbor phelim that you were talking about he really lamented he's passing away saying that a big blow bob and you know what the bellbottoms used agree huge tree actually in west africa that a bow bob of the bukina faso cinema harsher followed you know it's interesting that idrissa ouedraogo should die this particular weekend with with so much of africa and america and the filmgoing world talking about black panther right now i mean this is a hollywood production with some.

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