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She goes, please please. She's trying to give me this rapper at Cosco. It Honey grow. It'll grow back. Please, please. And I'm like, I don't need that Madam. Thank you. And she's like, please. And I start getting this because. The pleading the d. sir. You're right now are so bald, you don't stay. You gotta fix this shit. I fuck you. Lucy's. I can't believe it. Walking outside with this gas face, and I am not getting pissed and I go, I don't need that. I'm happy with what I look like. You can take that back to your car, please, please. And I'm like, I'm not taking it. I'm not taking it. I'm not taking at. She's like, she's like, goes back to her car and he's like still yelling, Cosco. It's Cosco driving away. No. So when she was saying Honey, she was addressing Honey telling you to go to Cosco, get Honey and rub it on your head because advertisement for either her or her sisters like. Eye glasses on would not touch that rapper, but it looked like something she picked off their car floor and look like gummy bear rapper to kept pointing at it saying, Honey. Later on, I thought maybe she's calling me Honey, like sweetie, seriously, we need to talk about your problem. I knew Abkhaz Cosco who don't work for Costco. They work within Cosco and they and they have the whole sub sub industry of people with little kiosks inside Costco, right? So they're like, like, soak your fingernails on this. And like that lady's ladies head was like, I think she's like, look is like thanksgiving. I get to tell Rita. I've been busting my ass for you like like, you know, she's like I'm fucking like my family's gonna succeed because I'm going to like push. I was so stunned because the car stopped and she flew out. I'm like, okay. What adventure. Your mind to go on to like like my baby was hit by a truck. Could you please take me to the thing? You know, I don't like, and then it slowly turns into this. You got a serious problem there buddy. The crazy thing is how long has she lived in LA? Has she ever seen a bald LAPD officer? And if so, why is she alive. If she jumps out of cars and charges people with an unknown object in her hands saying lately, I mean she Like like. statistically should be done. This is this is this is this is not necessarily like a, it's more of a tag than anything, but and then I go home and I ordered, I ordered pizza and get back in and I'm like, I don't need gummy bear terminating Amal pissed off. And you know, like doesn't fair. People should talk to other people like that. Like the pizzas here I go downstairs now I don't know if this is related at all. It was a weird night, whatever. But the pizza place that order from it's always the same guy that delivers the pizza and he's an Armenian guy. Oh pizza boy, pizza pizza. Boy. Oh, good, hot delusion. And he's, you know, he's like me shave. You know, this time I go down and he's wearing a wig. Sunglasses. I, I, you know what down there and I looked at and I smiled thinking like. Labor Day is gonna be dressing up like this league. It's Burt Reynolds. Burt Reynolds party and and I'm smiling and I'm data going. I'm getting closer and closer. That's not a Halloween wig that Br a real to pay wig and..

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