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And 45 on WTO P 9 45 and here's Dave Johnson A couple hours from now to capitals will take their team photo and all eyes will probably be on Alex Ovechkin because last night in the shootout loss in Toronto Maple Leafs As he went shoulder first into the boards and he's down and hurting No so puck comes the other way Oh that's good's not getting up John Walt and Ken's having the call That was early in the third period Ovechkin on a breakaway tripped on the leafs gold tender Eric holdren stick did not return an upper body injury capitals then lost the two goal lead and the game Ford is free to the Maple Leafs in the shootout head coach Peter levy lip It's tough it's frustrating That's a game we can't lose We were doing all the right things and we let it off the hook at the end so and so on us No practice today Again just that team photo and Ovechkin status for Tuesday not certain Nationalists get a day off today I think they need one 12 three loss to the Giants yesterday 5 straight laws has now got some guys coming around hitting but you've got to have starting pitching You'll want to don't struggled yesterday Orioles end up losing the angels 7 to 6 a rally from the 6 zero deficit but lost Fastest growing sport in the United States it is pickleball Apparently it's fun to play as it is to say It's a paddle sport across between tennis badminton and table tennis but the LA times reporting and I didn't know this Pickleball noise is fueling neighborhood drama from coast to coast because some folks don't like the pop sound that applicable makes when it hits the racket Our pedal The pickle paddle Pick the piper anyway Dave Johnson WTO sports The top stories we're following for you this morning on WTO After a visit.

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