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Apply. We're taking ten students. Upper division undergrads and grad students Ten it's a small group. It's a very select group. Here's them last year having lunch with representative. John duncan we're going to have a good group this year. Go to ron paul institute dot org on the upper right. You'll see the article with the application. The application process is very simple And we would like to hopefully get as many as possible and get the best group. It's september third in washington. Dc the scholarship for you to be able to attend the event. So check it out very good. And i'll i'll close by saying that i think today we didn't give too many stories that were really upbeat and positive. A little bit is true and we'll always mention that but the upbeat message is out The problems are getting more difficult all the time. And we're facing a loss of liberty and a lot more danger in the country and Chance of a real serious economic crisis but the good news is is not all that complicated already mentioned it. All we have to do is emphasize that the point about personal liberty quit stealing. If you're in a government you shouldn't be able to steal. And that's what that's what taxation. Is that little that little bumper sticker. I had on my desk the whole time. I was in congress. It's quit stealing. governments hate competition. And i believe that is the case when they take take money from people and then they passing out as pointed out earlier it becomes a little complicated a little a little bit dishonest and most of the time the congress never follows up the supervision of the way the money is spent but maybe there will be a day where the money isn't working so well maybe they'll have to find a were. The money's going and where the wealth is going and where the value is going so but the answers can be found it just understanding personal liberty and That's not complicated that means voluntarism and also never initiating aggression against another person. Wanna thank everybody for tuning in today to the liberty report. Please come back soon.

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