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Since nineteen ninety nine in this blessed America, there are no more than twice, as many suicides in the United States had homicides involve drugs, drinking or depression, losing job. A loved one or stress but experts say there is no one two or ten cautious have story today to begin a series of reports about some of the people touched by Shueisha. Hello. All right. Thanks, a new shift begins Chicago's northside fourteenth release district Louis uniform should under bright white lights to hear. The latest alerts about robberies and other crimes, I ate, as you guys work, other Dan brand. Police department. Chaplain speaks softly, coworker nail don't has shown. All right. Bless you. Thank you. Seven Chicago police officers have taken their own lives in the past twelve months. The Broncos out to crime scenes station houses. If officers feel the need to talk to a priest if not a therapist across the country. At least one hundred fifty nine officers died by suicide in two thousand eighteen there is a nationwide statistic. You may be aware of says, father brand that police officers twice as likely to take his or her own life as they are to be killed by aggressor which if you let that sink in that's an alarming statistic. We've met with the group before women from different parts of America who share a solemn sorrow h was married to a police officer who took his life. Christian Clifford's husband was officer, Stephen Clifford of the Nassau County, New York police, they just got the puppy. They look forward to having children one day, and may twenty seventeen. He wasn't responding to her text messages. So she drove home and I went inside, and I saw. A bunch of notes on his police identification, his driver's license everything lead out, very neatly methodically, and I ran down the hallway to our bedroom, and the door was closed. And there was a note on it that said, I did it do not enter call nine one malicious Wales was married officer David Hale for the Los Angeles Police Department. They had four sons David Swailes had symptoms of post traumatic stress from his time in the US navy and their youngest son's second birthday. Elicits Wales came home and found her husband behind their bathroom door. I remember just screaming over and over. I can't I can't. I can't Aaron Gibson was married to sergeant Clinton Gibson of the liberty lake Washington. Police,.

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