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It's I think important to, to keep in mind from the Soviet perspective that the u two overflights a reminder that this, of course, the shootdown occurred just less than. Three years after the first Sputnik wind up. But we really weren't in the realm yet of spy satellites, which were up there. Couple of hundred miles, and beyond the range really of retaliation, and we hadn't reached that point yet. We were headed there, but we haven't reached it. And pretty much such surveillance was limited to overflights. And I think that maybe the United States has never fully understood the extent to which how galling it was for the Soviets with the pretensions of Cold War equality with the United States to watch these planes fly over out of range of their fighters, even out of range of their missiles, and be able to do nothing about it. I suppose, probably the very existence of those flights led to the improvements in the Soviet missiles, that finally did bring down a u to that exactly correct. Jim between nineteen fifty six and nineteen sixty U2.'s were flying over the Soviet Union and other hostile countries with impunity the S A one missile. Which was the Soviet missile of the time could only reach sixty thousand feet. And so for four years, the YouTube were invincible at flying at seventy to seventy five thousand feet on operational missions, but over four years of research and development, the Soviets were able to improve their weapon system. They developed the F A to missile, which was capable of reaching seventy thousand feet and above and on may first nineteen sixty when my father was shot down, he was shot down at altitude of seventy thousand five hundred feet by the near miss of a Soviet essay to missile one of eight that were fired at his plane on that day. I swear to Vietnam and this would again, I guess, been probably in early nineteen sixty eight I was driving near the Bidois airbase early on a Sunday morning at as I'm coming by the end of the runway in a Jeep, and I see a plane coming along, and it's there are a lot of planes an in and out of Benoit's very busy airbase. But I can tell this was a little different, and I stopped, and I watched this pencil thin plane with these incredibly long thin wings, not as fast as a fighter plane taking off. And I looked at and soon as it got up in the air enough that I can see a silhouette. I realized my Lord. That's that's YouTube right there. And it was obviously headed for China. So that was nineteen sixty eight there were still using them that late. I know for a fact I watched it take off. Yep. They not only used it in nineteen sixty eight and seventy eight eighty eight ninety eight that they are still using the YouTube today in two thousand nineteen the headquarters is over at Beale air force base in southern in northern California. Of the U2.. It used to also host SR seventy one out of that base for many, many years and the finish line now for over fifty years, I think the only other plane that's been flying longer than the U2. is the beef fifty two. Yeah. Mostly these days that used to for peaceful purposes. Like by NASA organizations like that are, are we to assume here? It is still a engage in reconnaissance missions, overflying the Middle East. I s overflying South America, and other countries where needed to gather intelligence information, whether it's drugs smuggling, the South America ozone layer testing on the polls or hot spots around the world, such as Syria, and, or the Middle East Vegas, one eight six six five O, JIMBO our number. One eight six six five oh, five four six two.

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