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Find the birds in their living room where Gracie has just finished writing whatever daily newspaper columns all done and one of the biggest problems I've ever written but today's column about all about my wonderful ideas to solve inflation what's your idea well establish a bloody control prices and not let them get too high we have a board like that it's called OPA you mean someone stole my idea yeah yes okay the blood with Kong opiates how do you spell it OPA or initials they stand for office of price administration my goodness did you find out all this stuff there's a leak in Washington why no Max forty dollars put this all in my column last night to see drew Pearson states when it appears yeah should be made all out say you're probably through the phone I can wear himself out working on the same idea and then tomorrow morning he read my column and there you beat well it's good I made a double act out of my home and Gracie let's stop this nonsense you know absolutely nothing about national affairs you just ask me any question about national affairs and I snap out an answer just like okay who is the speaker of the house I don't know next question what secretary swallowing back job never heard of them the brother that's enough and you compare supplement like you passed by he knows everybody Washington who has a job that ally and some Republicans still you're a good mix anyway my account is different than Mister Pearson he only writes political news but I write all kinds even Hollywood gossip Hollywood gotten this little tidbit for my deposit column I think it is rumored about the Hollywood nights by the Clark Gable wears full three years.

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