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The shame shame shame shame Shame shame welcome the Keith and the girl I'm Keith Malley Hamda Alot him though what is that laugh at I sincerely thought that was something Catholic when they waived the the thing with the poof just coming out of it it is a religious person doing it out is in the oh is that like can you imagine that's what God wanted right Shah with everything we know about psychology now you are a piece of shit get her what's Keith and the girl it's an emergency meeting Ya I had the day off and suddenly find myself at work Keith Malley right while I keep got in trouble is parents his mommy called his Mommy called and he felt all bad and now you have to the football game I gotta come here right it's good to see thanks how are you it's I looked at the schedule and every show had guests on and and I I was thinking we have to do one with just me and show but I can't talk about the joker moving this stuff is in the back of my head -mergency meeting -mergency meeting yeah this is what Keith calls like this is what happens when Keith doesn't have a therapist yes and he goes I have I feel today thinking feeling ailing please come to the studio and work I need a place to put my feelings for those of you who are new to the show Keith was raised Catholic and everything went wrong from there but the most recent if is about how many months ago of six months ago possibly at this point Keith's dad his Catholic may be ex priest we don't know anymore because saga I'm not convinced that he was a priest but it's understood talk to him it's understood that he was a purse honestly the only thing I believe now about your dad is that he unfortunately is your dad I don't know now I don't honestly he would not have stayed you all could fuck off could fuck off and I hate to tell you this there's a resemblance physical features thank you and we can move on anyway months ago Keith's Dad got in touch with his ex wife an ex that was already divorced for two years got in touch and said hey whatever happened with you and Keith she voted that to Keith because she's been wanting to be out for at least two years now that their divorce and then Keith decided that he's going to be fake cat which is his ex wife's name he's GonNa pretend to be his ex wife and has been talking to his father for months side note father gets in touch with Keith directly while he's talking to his ex wife and just casually asks oh he's doing lots of trouble ensued there's like a whole what are we on this this season to this season to season will you can get these in one keeping dot com slash dad and new this is the terrible that's right by the way season season one is over five months yeah it's about seven hours to episode you can listen to but it's that was five months.

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