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At this hour. A little bit of sports news, as well as the Celtics were out on the West Coast They take on the Warriors later tonight at 10, and as it's now, 5 16 digging out from this heavy wet snow is gonna be quite a test this morning for the young. The young at heart. WBC's crisp on the handsome tips from a local chiropractor on how to stay pain free from this storm has a chiropractor Dr Brad Weiss has treated his fair share of shoveling injuries commonly little low back many, which can be avoided if we remember to use your knees, not your back when you bend. Dr Weiss has a whole checklist of shoveling dues and donuts all to prevent injury like stretching first pushing snow rather than flinging it off the shovel switching sides to exercise. Ending muscles on the left and the right of the body and hydrating. But should we feel it Tweak, he says. Stop. You could only make what's bad, worse. And if injured cold is the way to go. Many people will think about heat or taking a hot bath. And that's kind of the worst thing you can do when there's pain, especially in the joint or along your spine. Ice is preferred ice reduces inflammation. Chris Mama WBZ, Boston's news radio and WBC's Jeff Brown, joining us live in studio and Jeff, you're coming some of from the hardest hit areas in the states. How was it coming in? Look, I mean, it's not easy. I mean, people in Massachusetts should know this by now. Right? Anytime you get a snow storm, you gotta don't crowd the plow. Stay off the roads. Do the things you're supposed to do to let them, you know, clean up where they should, Um, I will tell you that the the consistency of the snow that has fallen in my neck of the woods on the North Shore. Is like lifting bags of cement. So that's not gonna be good, eh? So we'll take the chiropractor's advice there. But beyond that, I mean, it was a mix of of rain and sleet. And it came down pretty heavily after well after sundown yesterday, because for a while along the shoreline, you're wondering Where's the kaboom? That was yesterday? I'm south of Town. Weymouth Quincy area. It was the same deal. Yesterday afternoon. We had some flurries. And then as I'm going to bed It really stood there. You could really see the heavy, wet snow coming down and it was pretty much the same deal on terms of we didn't have as much as the North shore. But that slush and again Jeff, you said that heavy wet almost dangerously heavy. At times, you could feel it as it's soaking.

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