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There is an incredible platform. I think is not only an incredible platform. It is Keisha as well for future generations do know the this critical issues do exist still now in. These discussions are particularly timely. Given what's happening in the current state of the world especially now with a winning the unfortunate result so coronavirus or cold at night teen Is is really affecting the rice domestic violence and sexual violence cases among women So many women feel that they're trapped in their homes with their abusers so as as survivor of domestic violence. I understand at first hand about the issues and I want to help the victims and I wanted to do provide by providing resources and in guidance. Oh my story is relatable In so many levels especially now like I said so. It's very important to to have this Communications about this critical issues open. Lorraina took back her maiden name Lorraina Gallo. She resumed working in salons and she quietly started dating a man named David. And she's still with David to this day more than twenty years later and they eventually had a daughter named Olivia. I found that people were my friends. Were very supportive. My community was Yeah I mean they recognize me. I never move out of my community. Because if I move I will be recognized everywhere You didn't affect my career. Thank God I was idea real estate for a while I was the I went back to the beauty industry as A. I went to school than I have my license as a hair style and I did hair for leaving for a while and then I went to school and school. Obviously a lot of people recognize me Just based on my face away I going to change myself so I learned to accept the fact that I did not choose to be in the spotlight Right now and the fact that but I stopped myself was very strengthened. Was One of my My strength they kept me through who I am and those pass a might lives. My my trauma actually have helped shape the person that I am today and you know he have actually understand the give me a platform to help others so When I met my partner obviously he knew who I was and so friendship. Friendship turning to respect and respect turning to love and you know. That's that's how he was. I didn't experience with my with John. In Two Thousand Seven Lorraina started a nonprofit called the Lorena Gallo Foundation which is an organization focused on helping to prevent domestic violence through family oriented activities and more years past awareness and condemnation of domestic violence increased as women started pushing back for their rights. The view of Lorraina also shifted and the more time passed the more. It was clear how terrible Lorraina was treated not only by John but by the rest of the world to they have grown more in but this generation will you know memory. I mean I'm talking to you. Your were problem not even born. I Dunno you've you look very young Thanks Lorena. So you know the time that We talking about almost thirty years so I think that the new generation has grown to be more empathetic more sympathetic about the stories and more curious and you know more women into rice. I mean we have more politician women in Congress so the hell lot and to shape the narrative about abuse women and As important I know when my store is and I was looking to get approach by Amazon Last year and They did a very good job. I'm happy with Doku serious Jordan Peele was wonderful his his a man who has a lot of social issues so I trusted him and the whole team of Amazon by then Same thing with a lifetime. Lifetime is an amazing network and day history of telling stories. They're relate to two people and they're very three. The story is the real stories with sensitivity. I think that that is actually Got My passion back to to even tell even more than I know that there are going to treat my story with sensitivity and respect in the lifetime project that Llerena is referring to is called. I was Lorena Bobbitt. And it premiered on Memorial Day two days ago on the lifetime network. I'm doing good. I'm doing fine. I I am happy blaze. I am in a better place I don't leave you know in the past I think the past did have helped me to save the person that I am today and have given me a platform to be able to help other women and You know anybody who is in an abusive relationship so is Is Good is good. Now we're going to keep my mission to help. Victims of domestic violence survivors because survivors. Also.

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