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Have we forgotten about the reindeer situation. The other thing. I wanna say is that my point on that. I think i still think people are not sitting my point which is to say in reality. Sugar sugar by the cheese was created by professional songwriters. Who had been in the business for decades by professional studio musicians and singers and all that stuff in the world of the show. They are high school students so high. School students made a song as good as sugar. Sugar all saying they have the potential to be much bigger and better because they came up with a song that forty year old songwriters who have been working in the industry for decades. They wrote that song at seventeen. B they have a dog. The place tambourine and i would pay to see that way. They wrote it. Seventeen the genesee in insulin. No i know. But that's only i'm saying. Is that these random high school students came over this on that went to number one. It went to number one dan. Dan mazing can. You don't have to defend yourself right mostly because you won't win also this is not about that song. That's all say i'll say is hashtag. Arches are the beatles. Let's talk about frosty. The snowman hat hit us with some also. Thank you for the review. Yes no shot of you on your review read on the show and you wanna point out a dumb thing that i said and make fun of me for it least five star review apple podcast and we will read it on the show frosty history apple podcast or any podcasting platform or possibly or anywhere. You can leave a review. That's right great. Let's let's keep exciting. This bit my. Do you want to write a review on the wall of a frosty the snowman. Yes was written by walter jack. Rollins and steve nelson and originally recorded by gene autry and the cass county. Boys was released in nineteen fifty. It hit the number seven on the us. Pop singles and number four on the country singles charts.

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