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80 tune up for only $59 with Michael Inside, Michael Answer. Traffic and weather on the AIDS to Joe Fox in the W T o p Traffic center. Let's get started in Virginia and Fredericksburg. 95. North found is always going to be slow through Fredericksburg, but it's a little bit worse. We've got a reported crash now at Route three in Fredericksburg. Don't know about the lane blockages yet, but you're gonna be slow through Fredericksburg coming up from Spotsylvania exit and then again from 17 fell. Mr. Center Port Parkway, South Bound 95 usual slowdowns for volume from Lord into the Occoquan again past dumb Freeze Road and then Center Port Parkway as well, Nothing blocking you headed south bound 66 westbound from the belt, the capital Beltway out towards Vienna. Looks like they're in the late stages of clearing a crash that's still blocking the right lane of the split construction zone. So you've got one lane getting by. That's your best bet on the far left side. In the right lane of three that gets by on the other side of the Jersey wall. You've got two of those three available to you. The delays are only about a mile as you're coming from the capital Beltway out towards pharaohs. We still got the crash. It posed West Ox Road and post forests has just south of I 66 blocking the North bound lanes. Monument Drive is your alternate. Baltimore Washington Parkway in Maryland. Still slow volume only from 4 95 up 2 to 12 South bound, You're gonna be slow from 1 75 to 1 98. The earlier crash around Randall Mills is clear. Bay Bridge looking good 95 between the Beltway's looking good to 70 and 70. Also looking good. Ready for the great American Road trip fit small dot com Has your next ride it Fitzgerald monster like the fuel efficient Mazda Cxt, 30 Fitzgerald, Mazda at Fit small dot com today, Joe Fox. W T o P. Traffic. Okay, Joe, now to Storm Team four meteorologist tomorrow. Adore showers. Taper off clouds Decrease temperatures rebound tomorrow nicely into the seventies. Now, tonight.

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