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Yeah sorry go ahead replace steve ag ag be birthday steve adequate time at your party yeah i also have a new segment in the joel mchale show probably next sunday yeah yeah l show it's very funny and your segments on into really great what's happening what's happening on that joel mchale show we're getting some of his trademark acerbic wit and i like kale i think totally kills funny guy i somebody said it's me i was watching that show and i didn't realize how much i missed the soup until i saw that show and i was like yeah i think that's a great way of putting it except now it's international so occasionally there's an international clip in there are you are you ever international international man are you ever worried when you're talking to joel mchale is i was the one time i talked to joel mchale on a balcony and west hollywood that he's mad at you the whole time and you keep having to remind yourself that's just how joel mchale talks constantly thank god eight me he was so nice to me but literally i just had to reset every fifteen to twenty seconds that just we talked jesse jesse stay out of thing you see see for two decades decade and a half however long it's been yeah just reset it it's how natural speech pattern he's very nice man jesse i know well yeah i thought he hated me the whole time and then so think so thank you so much for all right this is just your bed a fruit basket.

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