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Available. That's Texas senator John cornyn warning of the precedent sat by the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago on unrelated charges, the former White House Steve Bannon is set to face criminal charges in New York for allegedly misusing campaign finance. Russia wants to buy millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea to use in its war against Ukraine, U.S. officials say that it's a sign that western sanctions on its military and financial system are starting to bite. Deputy treasury secretary Wally adeyemo says that Russia's economy faces years of hardship as a result of the measures taken by the United States and its allies over present Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Here's what he told Bloomberg television's balance of power with David Westin. The Russia's economy is in a great deal of pain because of the sanctions that we've been implemented with 30 other countries. And the pain is going to continue for years to come. And it's going to hit Russia's revenues and it's going to decrease those revenues over time. U.S. debt. She treasury secretary Wally adeyemo speaking to Bloomberg. Okay, those are our top stories. Let's get to some of the events that we're watching out for later today with James Wilcox back in studio with us. James, what have you picked out, first of all, what's going on in the UK? So here in the UK, we've got Liz trust meeting with her cabinet this morning. There's actually already arriving now down in street. It's normally customary for the p.m. to give remarks them on tapes. We may get some video of that coming later today, and she'll face her first prime minister's questions at midday today. That's not the only grilling happening here in Westminster. Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey is in front of the treasury select committee at 10 a.m. for a talk on the previous interest rate move. Now, a conversation about the economic outlook has set to be happening as well as the banking's mandate after the campaign the conservative leadership campaign this summer. Okay, so that's for the UK. What about things happening around the world? Well, we've got some interesting economic data Caroline. I think John Jefferson it should already be out if I'm not mistaken. Contraction of minus three is 0.3%. That's less than half unexpected actually. Thank you very much. You've been and as well as that in the afternoon we'll be getting U.S. speakers fed bark. It feds bark in a 2 p.m. method three and brain out at 5 40, as well as the beige book at 7 p.m.. Okay, James Wilcox, thank you for that. This is Bloomberg

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