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The whistle blower campaign over president Donald trump's dealings with Ukraine he's resigned from his post as special envoy to the eastern European nation nearly three hundred former foreign policy and national security officials weighing in on the official impeachment inquiry correspondent Linda Kenya the officials have signed an open letter supporting the impeachment inquiry following president trump's phone call with the Ukrainian president a rough transcript of their phone call in a whistle blower reports show the president tried to pressure his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate political rival Joe Biden the former foreign policy and national security experts right that these actions are of profound national security concerns well not pre judging the case the letter warns US national security will be quoting here on offered to foreign governments if Congress fails to act Linda Kenyan Washington in Las Vegas democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden telling supporters have a president who's violated his oath of office a president has put at risk our national security a president who may and I will be decided the decision of the Congress to make may have committed a crime good we can Congress for the cannabis industry more from jury bowed lender to send its going to consider a bill that'll help legal cannabis businesses after a groundbreaking measure passed the house it allows access to banking and financial services that right now we're off limits because marijuana is illegal under federal law forcing the businesses to dealing cash this is Colorado congressman ed Perlmutter this will improve transparency and accountability and help law enforcement root out illegal transactions to prevent tax evasion money.

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