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And prove that she's an ally to social Justice right by ensuring that a gay woman of color plays the rule. So a a black lesbian must be kept in marvel. I don't know. Why was the original was the original captain marvel black lesbian being told? No was the original captain marvel black. Yes, or no. I think they made some sort of. She made an appearance it looks like and longtime ago in one thing and then apparently slipped off into obscurity after several name changes and the character change quite a bit. But before it, you know for she had her own. Line if you will her own story, and then once that came around when they actually made her into a character. It looks like home. I gosh ally was a white woman. Oh, no. No boy. Okay. So I I'm not sure how the how that makes sense that you must I guess all characters. Now, do they all have to be gay women? Maybe that's the deal. Maybe every new movie character has to be gay transvestite transgendered person or a person of color. No more white people in movies, please. We're just done with white. We actually had one director say. He can't imagine ever giving a role casting a white, man. White doesn't even need to apply and stuff. So great. She's. We're in an upside down world as I think, you know, founding fathers are also under attack right now students at Hofstra. University are demanding that the Thomas Jefferson statue on on campus be removed. Yeah. The statue has been the center of controversy on the campus. It's been defaced with the word decolonize and black lives matter signs and stickers on it. Foof? So there's a big protest now every year, and in fact, multiple times a year about getting rid of it. They stand around the around the statue and demand that it be torn down. Go study. It is about what the statue represents a legacy of racism and bigotry on college campuses. That's what Thomas Jefferson represents you. She's the organizers of this our students from Hofstra and some staff members from Planned Parenthood of Nassau County. Oh, so, you know, their quality individuals. Look, I who am I to judge. I'm just saying these people are going to burn in the fires of hell. That's all. I mean, I, you know, judge anyone so no I'm just saying I'm just saying. I am so tired of the Thomas Jefferson hatred, the George Washington hatred, which they're also is we've got this story about a northern California Public school. They may remove a mural of George Washington from the halls of get this, George Washington heights. Yes. Because of confer concerns, it's offensive and demeaning to native Americans in African Americans. I mean open up a book. A working group determined the mural made up of several panels traumatizes students and community members. If it traumatizes these little darlings, they need to just stay home K homeschool where nothing bad can ever happen. And they can see only what's on the walls of your home. Don't let them stray outside ever for any reason. So tired of this advocates for keeping the mural say that removing it ignores the intent of the artist and represents an attempt to erase history. Yeah. Well, I mean, somebody said once those that we're going to have to make sacrifices have to change our conversation for station. We're gonna have to change our tradition history based the move into a different place. So I guess what we ask ourselves is is removing a statue of Thomas Jefferson and erasing mural of George Washington. Isn't that fulfilling everything she just said there and more it absolutely is? This is what this is about. In nineteen thirty six this artist of Victor Amitav painted, the thirteen panels that make up the life of Washington. Keep in mind again. This is George Washington high school. Detail dinner. He was a prominent Russia baron painter who created the murals as part of a works project administration project undertaken by the new deal. Wait a minute. Something good came about to say, I was on the side of leaving the mural found out. It was a make work project as amazing. She's the group has four public meetings.

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