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John manhattan tip jar may take sean just five dollars at a time here goes he says wait to. It's cam and to it line at all. Three rushers melvin bush. I think he'd beans. What is smith all linebacker on the same play. Yeah and do you realize that the steelers only with two defensive played package the whole game. Yup the whole game. So that's what they did but like coach tomlin was saying today whether it was the not blitzing whether it was the packaging whether whatever he's like. We did what we felt. We'd needed to do that game. Thus next week we'll do what else we have feel like. We need to do that now. And that's how the team should be coached. Yeah that's how plan should be drawn up doing what you need to do for that particular opponents exactly and i mean i was cam sutton when you when you look at. I mean we have a steelers vertex coming out tomorrow. It's about camp sutton because we last year. Jeffrey and i looked at the bills. The halftime adjustment that they made on offense where they got stefan on the other side of the formation to get him on cam sutton all except like the one plane. Had it was a touchdown and how he just exploded in two parts and got almost all his stats. Those two drives cam sutton look like a completely different player. I mean it didn't matter he was not it seem like he was. There was no paralysis by analysis. He was reacting and going fast he was. I mean even when he was given digs a cushion. Jeffrey has an article an article clip. That you'll see the article tamar feet. If you gotta come check it out where he drops off digs digs runs cuts route off and sutton flies to him and tackles him china sticks that he was just. I mean he did the same thing on the fourth downplay. He flew to it he. He didn't hesitate. He went right to it. He was confident in what he was doing. It just seemed like down for him. They had him going. Read react not agreed. Decide react rebe react. You are right so yeah that People talking about hitler's coming out of your head. Sorry so these these were a few things. I get it so the question is what do you have another point because you've already made a couple of really good points. I don't wanna stretch all those things the off and then just the whole defensive point slash campaign was a man. Yeah yeah oh yeah says sutton gets my game ball. The question is havi air. Did you come and check out. The the article at app is still curtain. Dot com your.

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