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You your your comments that bumgarner in the eight years need to go get him fascinated me and i researched i look back and i looked at tabatha and bumgarner statistics and actually got so bad at the scene the bumgarner is right now and amazingly shabazz is one more he has been he had that's crazy was he eat any either he was seventy four and twenty nine i four years as yield i mean give it out and he's actually pitched thirty four hundred innings in his career bumgarner hundred i mean you could get i'm to serve severino could lead that team to maybe titles he only for bumgarner would i consider putting you are in a trade the guy bringing judge is if the untouchable discussion edney thinking i can't imagine if scarcely unload stanton i'd do it in a heartbeat stanton you know in a deal to get bumgarner but i almost think you know judges and san francisco guy i mean you could maybe the giant jackie we consider doing something like that to bring back all hometown god right i was fascinated by i think it makes total sense i immediately impossible to do they're selling no chance she'll be able to get the grammar over syndergaard there's no way to make that deal otherwise you know thinking you know maybe overwhelm detroit filipacchi for full were hoping he comes in you know a top guy or you know go to jail day you know hope that you know overwhelmed with snow there's no shirt business sure things anywhere but bumgarner is the guy to get if you could do any yankees are the team that could get them because they have the prospects to deal but they're not dealing aaron judge he's way too important to them in every other area besides on the baseball field where he's also very important here's a little tweet for you before we go to break from paul at paul hembo salary in two thousand eighteen hey ready for these players in order of the most money made to the least money made salary in two thousand eighteen bobby bonier one point one nine million francisco door six hundred and twenty three thousand aaron judge six hundred twenty two thousand andrew benintendi six hundred and twenty thousand luis severino six hundred.

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