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It's it's going for him to be tough to crack that top pass of the conference is in front of ross bowers and the bauer our yes he is he is in front of the bauer our obviously a tragic and unknown situation at washington state's with luke falk moving onto the nfl and the the tragedy of tyler alinsky and their uncertainty i know they've got a freshman coming in that they're pretty high on i think his name is kevin not cameron right i think it's kaman kevin i think it's kaman he is head of the bauer our and then utah's situation the teller huntley started out really nicely i know they've got a pretty promising true freshman coming in who stuck with utah blue chip kidd but that's nothing i can really count on the moments got put huntley in front of in front stevie in for stevie montanez he kinda sloppy with the ball late but that's fine so yeah i'd say top six seven somewhere in there stevie montas i love you paul that's pervy mont has we got another question about i think divisional quarterbacks this time this for matt put this in today we got the question today when was the last time the sec's quarterbacks were this good i actually i read this as sec east quarterbacks which i hadn't answer for but when was the last time the sec's quarterbacks ending the quarterback situation i mean there's across the conference i'd say it's pretty good jets did minerals so what are we got to at alabama presume to or hurts yeah drew lock at missouri i saw there was another question about drew lock for heisman is that could be a thing i guess right it's may one hot.

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