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Nuys, seventy degrees, Huntington beach and sixty nine in riverside. It's three oh seven advocates for illegal immigrants are appealing a judge's ruling that struck down California's sanctuary state law as it applies to Huntington beach. The American Civil Liberties union filed the challenge on behalf of some of the city's residents who support the California values act which limits local police collaboration with federal immigration agents. ACLU attorney Samir Akhmed it's very important law that upholds our California values of diversity inclusion and supporting and protecting our immigrant communities. He believes the ruling in favor of Huntington beach is argument that the state law interferes with its authority to enforce local laws is incorrect. Huntington beach city attorney Michael gates, disagrees actually interferes in dictates the city, can and cannot do not only with this police department and its police practices, but also with city resources some residents of Los Alamitos also joined the appeal since that cities leaders passed an ordinance. Seeking to exempt it from complying with the law in Huntington beach. Margaret caro- KNX ten seventy NewsRadio people in the United States illegally Nazi entitled to possess guns. That's the ruling of a federal appeals panel in San Francisco. Original case involved a Mexican national who was convicted after officers found a revolver in his backpack. LA city in LA county officials go after a number of people accused of taking advantage of immigrants in urge more alleged victims to come forward. Immigrants have never been under so many threats and there's so much anxiety in our community. Very. That those would prey on them are seeking to take advantage of city. Attorney Mike fewer we will stand up for you. We will do everything we can to protect you fewer says this office is prosecuting a mother and daughter accused of running an illegal immigration consulting business and the Lamar park area amount accused of improperly acting as an immigration consultant and the unauthorized practice of law in the PICO union area. While he was on probation for similar charges and another man who's accused of harassing and threatening Latino day laborer who put in six days of work and had to file a claim with the state get paid emigrants who need legal aid or they've been scammed can call the county's office of immigrant affairs club pets. Cuta KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Joshua tree. National park says it'll temporarily closed Thursday because of the partial government shutdown marksman open since the shutdown. There's only been a small group of Rangers to watch things. Volunteers led by cliffhanger guides have been cleaning up trash left behind maintaining the restrooms office manager Zachary Carter tells KNX is gonna hurt business but says it's a good move. We could during these last few weeks of the shutdown to to try to minimize the impact of just park usage without government presence. But we kind of anticipation that if the shutdown was to continue it would ultimately ended up getting shutdown. Everybody's got to be out of the park by eight on Thursday, the man charged with starting the holy fire was in court today in Santa Ana to enter a plea. But for some reason that didn't happen for the case was even called this morning for about ten or fifteen minutes arson suspect forest Clark had a private conversation with an attorney from the public defenders office. And when his case was called for arraignment for forest Clark to enter a plea for arson and other charges connected to the holy fire. The attorney made a request to continue the scheduled arraignment. It is unclear if that was because of anything for Clark said privately the arraignment is now scheduled for January the twenty second if forced Clark is convicted as charged he faces life in prison at the Orange County. Superior courthouse in Santa Ana Craig Victor, KNX ten. Seventy NewsRadio new crash to talk about on the four. Oh, five freeway in seal beach will have all the details. Coming up in less than four minutes. It's three eleven. I spoke cigarette before lunch after lunch now that I'm talking about it. I kind of feeling like a loss about four hours of every day. I.

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