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And I wrote about this in the athletes talking about the Packers today is when you evaluate your team on the road. That's the that's the essence. Of who you are as a football team. And if you look at it, I mean, the Panthers are now owned four all time at Heinz field the sewers when their fifth game in a row, and you mentioned the office of line for the Panthers. I mean, a lot bad lines don't travel. Well, you talk about that a lot on this podcast, but they're the bad secondary's don't travel all either and bid rather rather burger last night, basically exploited them. Unlike anything we've seen in over a decade. I mean, he ends a game with a one hundred fifty eight point three passer rating a perfect passer rating. Like, I said for the first time since two thousand seven and a lot of that credit has to go to Mike bunch right up front with what he's been able to do with that all of its and he's getting glowing reviews from in the building outside the building and you have noticed from from day one. He's really made some big changes there. He's a great coach. I mean, do you notice? Now, they changed the running game a little bit for Connor when bell was there. They would go hip to hip, and they let bell just kind of stop at the line of scrimmage, and wait and had dealt with do that little hesitation. And then he would find a crease and everything they do is so well detailed in the offensive line and coach and he gets the players to rise to the level. Not only was Mike month. Check a great. Player. Mike munch a great line coach. And he's worth his weight in gold. You couldn't pay Mike Mancha enough to really the to fix your offense of lime. What he does for that line is remarkable. But I think the untold story in Pittsburgh really is Mike Tomlin's ability defensively last night, I saw him with the call sheet. You slipped it in his thing. I never really have seen a call sheet with Tomlin. I'm not saying he's taken the calls away from Keith Butler the defense coordinator, but I think he's well more involved than they're attacking the pocket. I mean on this five game win streak only. The falcons have gained over three hundred yards. They've held every other team to under three hundred yards. No teams gained one hundred yards rushing on him since week two of the season when the chiefs did it and they've done a great job of creating a fix in their defense and finding ways to attack the quarterback and pressure the quarterback. And I and I think you've got to take your hat off to the Steelers organizationally that impact they just have come back. They've won five in a row. And now they look like the best team in the north. They do and if you're AFC team and you're a contender. You're probably. Worried to see Ben Rothlisberger in this team cooking together. Even with all the distractions early on the season with the lady, I'm bell situation. Seems like they've moved past that which is good news for all the fans in the world..

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