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We're able to have a ninety nine point. Five percent success rate as far as like copyrighting insurnace are brandings concerned. And just general like how people feel about us when we work with them to tell. I got a couple more questions here. Yeah of course. I great tell us like like some of the horror stories that you've seen for people who who are not using the avatar when you can tell the not using an avatar in their business is not going anywhere because they have not constructed or even though forwarding whatsoever. I'll tell you what i'll give you an example. That is is me i when we first started the business. We did that we were just like hey. I thought that an avatar was kind of a silly thing. Like i want to sell the to everybody. Anybody who is willing to pay us to do. Some co copywriting or coaching like it doesn't matter b. to b. b. two c. sales pages emails. I don't care all right for you. The problem with that was that through. We wasted about thirty thousand. Maybe forty thousand dollars in ad. Spend the first year and by an we only got two or three clients. Because we weren't able to speak to anybody's real pain because the problem was that you're always you're never giving thorough examples and you're you're always saying. Hi i'm julio. i'm a copywriter. I can write anything you want now for two thousand dollars you know and it's just like i don't know who you are. I don't know anything about you. Why are you on my news. Feed your interrupting. My you know what. I was already doing It just became this big problem where it was because i was so nervous about ostracizing anybody for it became the actual the opposite problem where nobody wanted to to work with us because it was just like you know we were just the those weirdos that were just like hey pick us and like we don't care who you are what you do or who you serve were willing.

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