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Workers most hurt by the shutdown or those employed under contracts with federal agencies, many won't get back pay when the shutdown ends the difference between a government worker and me even though they're not getting paid right now, they will get paid. I will never make up the money. I'm just out. We'll get the latest on the coup when Gaborone and on the young Saudi woman seeking asylum in Thailand, and we'll look at the week ahead with WNYC's planning editor. And of course, we'll get the latest on New York City's birds. It's Monday, January seventh and this is morning edition on WNYC. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. President Trump is sending congress new border proposal that features the southern US border wall is overall package is more expensive. That's because Trump is now included eight hundred million dollars for medical support. And transportation this would be used for migrants who crossed the border and are very sick. Meanwhile, a group of lawmakers is visiting the US Mexican border today. They'll go to the facility where an eight year old quantum all and boy was held before he died Christmas Eve, Monaco, Ortiz rebate reports the boy is one of two migrant children who died last month in federal custody. The congressional delegation will tour a border patrol station outside Alamogordo, New Mexico. This is where eight-year-old Philippa Gomez Alonso spent the last day of his life. A medical examiner's report showed he tested positive for influenza US customs and border protection said the boy and his father were held for six days in processing facilities. Ill equipped to house families Monaco, Ortiz rebate. Reporting trade talks between the US and China have resumed today in Beijing NPR's. Yuki Noguchi says the tense relationship between the countries has affected cybersecurity issues and rocked markets, the US and China's trade battle has escalated over the last year, but the two are trying to resolve their differences and prevent further increases in tariffs. The disputes between the world's largest economies already led the tariff hikes on a wide range of industrial manufacturing and agricultural products. Those have had far reaching impact on companies and markets adding to that there are concerns over state-sponsored cybersecurity attacks and a slowdown in Chinese economic growth, which itself has roiled markets last week, apple slow China. Sales prompted a huge investor sell-off, the US delegation will include officials from the White House US trade Representative and departments of agriculture and commerce. You can NPR news Washington. Authorities in. Thailand say they have called off the deportation of a young Saudi Arabian woman stopped at the airport in Bangkok. She says she is fleeing her abusive family, Michael Sullivan reports from Bangkok the woman was headed for Austria to seek asylum. Eighteen year old RAF Mohammed. Al canoeing was detained late Saturday. After arriving on a flight from Kuwait her passport was taken. And she was told you would be put back on a plane on Monday Saudi women aren't allowed to travel without permission from a male relative and her family wanted her back. She said she wasn't going and barricaded herself in her hotel room at the airport, sending on a series of desperate posts on social media pleading for help and asylum claiming she might be killed if she were forced to return human rights groups and several western embassies took notice and urged Thailand not to send her back late this afternoon. The head of Thailand's immigration police told reporters she will not be returned against her will for NPR news. I'm Michael Sullivan in Bangkok. You're listening to NPR news from Washington. This is WNYC in New York. I'm Richard Hake. Good morning. It's eight oh, four twenty five degrees. Fair skies would expect clouds today with a high near thirty five degrees. A New York City firefighters died after he slipped and fell responding to a car accident on the belt Parkway last night. Officials say thirty year old Stephen polar d- slid through a three foot gap on the mill basin overpass and dropped about fifty two feet. He was rushed to king's county hospital where he later died. The fire Commissioner Daniel, Niagara has polar was only with ladder company. One seventy in Brooklyn for about a year and a half to lose a member. Just at the beginning of his career. Like, this is devastating to us. The mayor's ordering flags throughout the city to fly at half staff in his honor congressman Peter King says there's blame on both sides of the aisle is a partial government shutdown continues, the Long Island Republican says Democrats are being hypocritical to refuse any funding for a border wall since many of supported such measures in the past. He says they should be willing to consider a fraction of the five billion dollars the president wants while Republicans should consider compromising to protect Dhaka recipients and other immigrants seeking legal status. Young people whose parents brought to the country no fault of their own give them status. Most of the people who are here under temporary protective status. Make your perfect. These are people who came into the government the country legitimately king spoke on the John customer TD's radio show yesterday nine elected officials gathered in Williamsburg over the weekend say they're unnerved by the lack of detail in the governor's plan to repair the. L train tunnel on nights and weekends WNYC's. Jim O'Grady has more Manhattan borough. President Gail brewer wants experts to vet.

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