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He's gonna take the out as he going to leave atr yard he's you know he's can take me the backyard drink thanksgiving is you throw the ball as hard as he can at me so you want to catch balls and he's him to win it we're gonna make a real wires he was gonna give you sean therapy editor you is this before or after you wrestle with dale are now we got so dale's and tauziat tales gonna visit said who he's milak and trash out he didn't talk treasurer thanksgiving football i could hold i told dale and playing wider syria okay i'm many guard you up catching a ball on me as a okay dale so for him dale their tales but he didn't even do as well he's been talking to easily here pretty well the high school level sports in themselves what what about like being billy football on campus as it heavy run into that at all people than like wow there goes billy football most famous guide we've ever known yeah you know i've i've tried to like not give off that five um and you know the first like all training camp just say coaches oh you got billy football's celebrity like oh bill you have to wake up for early morning breakfasts like you got bricks in bed yeah that's good coach had like to your ball va area he has to yes dominated on the second you walk in that door yeah and you know i hundreds thank god i news happening coming inside just like i grinded hard harder than ever like i so hard league myself who got demoted from cuba to white house because those grinding i was grinding hour ninety let you heart court like being a backup quarterback like i i like you know like algae's tribe they deal with the team needing near the team like couple of wide out went down there like when he jack she played like okay war wherever you do them but a better astle yeah have you has iskoe crush reminded all going from cuba to wide receiver as white guy you're now bill bella checks blake wet dream.

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