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And famously the dream team team dream team lost through a team of college all stars back in the day when they had i assembled a team and they're getting ready for barcelona now. There's a famous piece about it. I think it's in the new york times called the dream team's really bad day and but it was the same thing like these college guys are like i'm going to play against michael jordan jordan larry bird magic johnson and they came out cutthroat and these guys just weren't prepared so who knows who else thinks that's been a <hes> the most recent episode of relevant soon sports podcasts. Thanks for listening to this show. It's my favorites everett's. Maybe we just bring back who cares about you know being financially sustainable by the care force record and i was like i'm talking to an n._b._a. Player today and we're gonna sit on the interview. I want to do it. It's going to be awesome. He's talking faith. I don't know we're gonna sit around. We'll see but it's good to have stuff like this in the hopper. You never know buzz up steve carter. Let's just get him on the horn. Get him in here with us and sam sam right right now the bears coming into the n._f._l. Season are projected. They like the favorite one of the favorites to win the super bowl share so we'll see you know i can't help but think his his years on that podcast inspired football glory this year for the understand. Okay help me explain how i i don't watch the n._f._l. And i don't watch baseball okay so so every once in a while it'll pass through my awareness and and like i was in the car the other day and it was like some guy got traded from the worst. I team the m._l._b. To the best team and it was like the worst team kansas city royals and i was like i thought they were in the world series just a couple of years years ago and then and then you're talking about the bears. The bears were like the league doormat for so long and now there are super bowl favorite like how in the world does a team goes so quickly clean up and down and these leagues because the n._b._a. It doesn't happen like that. He doesn't buy the n._b._a..

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