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Own doctor. And that's ABC's Ariel re chef reporting. Travel numbers keep going up, and so do the number of guns found at airport security checkpoints. From January 1st to March 31st, the TSA says hit intercepted over 1500 guns at airport security checkpoints in the U.S. averaging 17 a day and more than 93% of them were loaded. That's a 10% increase over the first quarter of 2022, bringing a gun in a carry on to an airport checkpoint can mean a fine of $15,000. Many who gave caught say they simply forget that they have a loaded gun and their carry on bag that they brought to the airport. Alex stone, ABC News. House Republicans have passed a bill that would prohibit transgender women and girls from participating in female sports. ABC's J O'Brien reports. The protection of women and girls in sports act was passed along a party line vote, not a single Democrat in favor of it. After the vote, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy said it was a quote great day for Americans for fairness for families and most importantly for female athletes. House minority leader Hakeem Jeffries, meanwhile, slammed the bill, saying Republicans were trying to sensationalize an issue that, quote, doesn't really exist in the way that they are falsely portraying the bill likely to have a rocky path going forward in a Democrat controlled Senate. J O'Brien ABC News. Northwest news time coming up on 6 40 and climate pledge arena gets a Stanley Cup playoff makeover Bill Schwartz says our Beacon plumbing sports updates. The hockey home of the kraken is just over two years old, but when you host your first NHL playoff game, it's a whole new atmosphere. We're just replacing everything and just getting everything to look pretty much pristine for our first game. Climate pledge arenas ice operations manager Eric king tells como TV for the National Hockey League has its own sponsorship logos. So he and his staff have been cutting out ice, painting over existing signs, then refreezing the surface. The kraken skate against the avalanche there Saturday night. Now tons of watch parties are already taking place in the Pacific Northwest. As Seattle tries to grab a two love lead over the abs in Denver, center Maddie veneer says the kraken need only minor adjustments after their three to one victory

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