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Crawl of irvington getting back to Kenilworth with a whole lot of rubbernecking. I'm Greg rice on ten ten wins wins news time at two forty two potentially big developments today in the special counsel Russia investigation. Robert Muller is expected to release sentencing memos for Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen earlier this week he recommended no jail time for Michael Flynn, citing his substantial cooperation, but we're already hearing from the president. Here's correspondent, Karen Travers. President Trump wrote a series of tweets this morning, focusing on the special counsels Russia probe and Robert Muller's expected. Final report the president once again making unfounded claims of conflicts among Muller and members of his team today could be a pivotal day in the Russia probe court. Filings are expected on President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen who is cooperating with Mahler and on the president's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort who is no longer cooperating. These filings could give new clues about what Muller knows and how he's prepared to act on it. President Trump's former campaign a George popadopoulos was released from prison this morning that was after serving twelve days for lying to investigators about his contact with individuals tied to Russia during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign. He will now have to serve twelve months supervised release. He's got to do two hundred hours of community service, and he also has to pay a ninety five hundred dollar fine CNN's reporting that Muller's team has interviewed White House chief of staff John Kelly in recent months, they say that he was questioned about alleged obstruction of Justice after White House lawyers initially objected to that interview request or it again that Kelly's going to resign CNN says he and the president are no longer on speaking terms. Here's correspondent Kaitlan Collins, not like the two of them had had this great relationship. And then all of a sudden, they had this falling out things have been very back and forth up and down when the president and John Kelly over the last several months, and they go through periods where it seemed like John Kelly was on his way out the door. Most recently two occasions once when? President Trump is going on a big international trip over the summer and aids weren't sure if John Kelly would make it through the hour, essentially, and then he and President Trump seemed to repair things and patch things up. If he does resign Nick Ayers chief of staff to vice President Mike Pence has seen as the leading contender to replace him wins news time to forty. What if every time you went out you could cash in now with the Capital One saver card? You earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment like celebrating.

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