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Who he was. not kidding. he had far holy shit fart. Holy shit too. That's a long far. Did you find that long or yours. our. I don't remember. I don't remember one more one more one more fire by. No yeah those. Yeah so i mean. I'm looking forward to that. i would love to get. it's not. It seems a lot more fun than it actually. I don't think it's fun. I also i also know the day before like prepping. How miserable absolutely miserable. Y'all you'll never experienced liquid leaving your body quite like having fucking like medical grade laxative. I remember yeah. I remember the first time i took it. I was like they were like all right. Y'all be close to the bathroom. And i was like all right. I'll be close. I was living in this small apartment at the time. And i did it and i felt like just like after like the first like two hours. I was like right like nothing crazy. Going on here. And slow rumbling. Tom lease and he's like go go. Go go go now. And it's just like your fucking spit like yo. You're like spitting out of your but like like everything at once. It's coming out at the exact same time. It was fucking insane. That's awesome no no. It's not cool. I don't enjoy that. And that was not part. Sow dude you'd be pumped with those farts so fucking palm. I told you get diarrhea. I'm kind of like my farts are gonna be the leader and really sometimes i'll fart but if i'm fighting inside myself what the fuck was like one of those parts like a fart. It happens like at the at the exit at the where the whole is. Yeah sometimes i'll fart but the sound sounds like it's coming from within really like a little a little couple in there. I don't think you have gone to the doctor enough to realize you have a lot of balance shoes. I don't have a lot of ballot issues. I used to when i was younger but that was probably because i'm lactose intolerant. Crushing milk do get from the park and chug milk out of the gallon. What's wrong with you. i'm an idiot. You sick fuck. Yeah say that again. That was your whole family. That would drink out of that. Also ice cream used to crush that yeah. Ice cream and ice cream is ice cream. Milk like grilled cheese. Oh just fucking setting real cheese higher at a medo. Bacon and hot sauce k. Putting tomatoes on grilled cheese is just how stupid. It's another fucking layer of taste joey. Tomatoes aren't like very flavorful. Yes they are fucking a sweet jersey roma tomato. You stupid idiot jersey. Apparently sweet tomato sweet tomato. Joey you mean great. No they're sweet. No fucking sense. Have you ever made a pot of sauce. Ever made a. Have you ever made a pot of sauce like no. I'm not fucking sixty in italian. Neither am i. I know but i made sauce. I know you made a route. Wants to and. I haven't heard the end of that made a bunch of times. You sound exactly what you ever disrespect my ring. You learn the determined ru and he was like i can make a rue and he just wanted people go. What's that he's like. Oh my god forbid i fucking fuck you fuck it cook for you and be a good friend led the time that fucking just wanted to fucking show off to my friend son of a bitch. Here's a roux you never made a ruin your whole life. Have you sick. Fuck even know what a is exactly what he's a route. Well what no not. What's in it. What isn't sauce. It's just a way of thickening up stuff like thickening up like you start sauces or or fucking soups with ruse why they call them kangaroos. It's a french word. That wasn't a spit that was not destructive. That was that was a spit. Because i'd slant on know what i'm doing. I got already on a bp. Big pp's speaking of yeah. I don't know why this has reminded me of it. Did you watch the britney spears documentary how you making a connection of britney spears and piss well. She was pretty pissed at what the media was doing her. That's good that's good. Damn right yeah. No the britney spears documentaries a little crazy it was. i'll. I'll be the i apologize. I was also on that train. I don't even know if i was. I think that when i saw like britney losing your mind well. You're not supposed to say that but i think when she was like shaving her head and shit. I kind of just saw that. And i just kind of times you save. You fucking have definitely didn't do that. Joey doesn't seven. Joey was not like you. Were practicing like crazy fucking woman. Don't sit there and try to portray yourself as fucking wise beyond your years. You were an idiot. No i was not saying like i'm saying in the sense of like yeah okay i. I didn't really care about celebrity culture. That's true i wasn't like. Oh god oh. We got to learn about britney. I was just like yeah. She shaved her head. Like now i was. I wasn't like that. Seems like a reasonable thing. I was like yeah. She's lost it but a lot of people lose it. I was full-on like being like. Wow she's gone fucking crazy. I stand by the way that the media is definitely a victim. Quote unquote like all the fucking way than like women. Were treated like anna. Nicole smith paris hilton dude through the extent to kardashian. How about did you see the fucking david letterman interview with low. Hin i was blown away by that. Yeah like the. Because i get that i get it but growing up in like the early two thousands in late ninety s or whatever. We're like functional insanely misogynistic that we lived in. Guess what been like for a very long time still is a lot of ways. It's definitely not even close to being the same not close. It's showing it's it shows it's faces more subconsciously. Know ted day. It is not to what i'm saying is that it's no longer as overtly overtly fucking misogynistic and in your face. Now it takes the form of other monsters of course but i'm saying like.

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