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Past couple of weeks i say i don't wanna say sluggish but it's definitely been concerning con precision that we've been having about what's going on with the deputy sluggish is a good were of the warriors get these guys conference back up let them take ownership of the team in a in a real way i thought everything was great about it the people are just complain because like you mentioned this the warriors and they're the villains but i had no no issues doing this are or what steve kerr doing this right before the allstar break which is something that they're absolutely i've been been hammering to get to edge just building of confidence for the bench getting to the postseason you got to let these guys know that they are absolutely important to the team just as much as stephan k d r i think is a great last night i think it's even fair to say that if caspi nick young mccaw specially nick young in the car if those guys don't get their confidence and have that truly be something they can carry into the postseason in repeating as nba champions it's going to be difficult for the war yup it doesn't hinge on those guys obviously it hinges on start the starters but nick young in a car or going to be left open if they can't hit and outside shot member like harrison barnes a couple of years ago if they can't hit that open three trying to repeats can be difficult right you can argue too you can create problems nick young i'm waiting for him to go off i i don't know if we've seen i mean i we definitely ever see why he's been signed yet i think nick young going to have a game in the postseason where we all look it's wagging go all out yet i gotta that's why the warriors as a you know at a completely had brain freeze in the.

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