Rex Tillerson, Koreans, President Trump discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


Uh i think what rex tillerson is doing is uh just working the diplomacy just keeping his head down going to work every day and working the diplomacy and i think he's making some progress with the north koreans now it may be that uh what when presence has your waste your time to go shootings probably right about that uh if you're talking about trying to find a way probing a little bit with the north koreans that's probably a good thing i'm sure the prison group that but i i would new twitter and i just wanna make sure i could buy cler i don't think negotiating with the north koreans right now is going to gives very far could there be a good cop bad cop damage you'd think that there's actually intend to do the whole crazy man through president's trying to send this message that he actually could press that big but managed skin that they ought to no no that and make it facilitate tillerson i'm i'm trying to be generous in mile why do you think kenya's in his own way with president is trying to do is to say to the north koreans you have no idea how seriously i take this and by the way that is not a bad thing and i think it has gotten the the attention of the chinese as well because of the chinese and let me just turned to the chinese for a minute with the north korean issue the chinese always thought well we'd rather have the regime in power even if it means a nuclear north korea people flowing overboard they don't want people flowing over the border they don't want that perhaps we would we might even uh.

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